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Hieeeeeeeeeeeeeeey! In case you're all wondering who this fabulous and fierce looking person is then I best introduce myself. My name is Kieran, sometimes if I'm feeling extra nice I'll let you call me Mariya. But only if I'm in a good mood. I'm Non-Binary and proud. Duh. Oh and I love reading, almost as much as I love spending my money on makeup and seeing RuPaul Drag Race Queens live.

I guess I started this blog purely because I discovered my love of writing from Wattpad. I had a book that had some success on there and wanted to continue writing about my love of books and words. I also use this platform to talk about anything in regards to the LGBT community, Mental Health and Gender. I'll try not to get too political but I'm dedicated to the truth. I was once on TV, auditioned for X Factor and was chased after by Channel 5 to star in a Makeover TV show regarding my looks.

Under all my cake face there's a heart of gold with a tough past. Struggling with sexuality, gender and fitting into a society that just didn't understand anyone different. I've self-harmed, attempted suicide and finally got help for my Depression. I like to be an open book when it comes to mental health because it's something that changes lives daily. People kill themselves over it and that is not okay with me. Suicide isn't selfish.


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  1. I love Rainbow Rowell too! She's such a brilliant author, and my favourite book by her is Eleanor and Park. If you like history, then I highly recommend Jackie French-she writes brilliant historical fiction that no one can hate.