Underrated New Adult Books

I cannot believe that this is my fourth post of the week. I've been away from blogging for so long that I actually thought I couldn't get a post up each day of the week but I'm doing so well so far. Now todays post wasn't going to be a recommendation post, in fact it was meant to have been my ARC Review of 'The Names They Gave Us' by Emery Lord. However, I'm struggling to write up a review good enough for a book so fantastic. Anyway, today I'm talking about a few New Adult series that I feel are underrated and definitely deserve more positive attention.


When I first read 'A Pound of Flesh' I was unaware that it was actually a hugely popular Twilight Fan Fiction and honestly I don't think anyone could tell. A Pound of Flesh tells the story of Kat and Carter who find love through the prison system and have to face the struggles of outside life. The honest truth is that I loved every single page of this novel. It's romantic, luscious and dark. Exactly how I like my romances to be like. This series really left a lasting impression on my heart and hit me right in the feels. And if like me you enjoy this novel then you can dive straight into Book 2, An Ounce of Hope and Book 3, A Measure of Love.


I had already read the first two books in the 'Game On' series by Kristen Callihan when she announced this new series and I'm being honest when I say I did a little (nothing about me is little, neither was this) squeal. I'm a huge lover of Rock Star Romances and this one hit it out of the park. Literally. Idol tells the story of shy girl, Libby who finds a very drunk, yet stark naked Killian in her front yard. And their story goes from there. Idol was down right dirty and fun, just like a normal Friday night in the clubs for myself. Honestly I just love anything this author writes and Book 2, Managed is even better!


I've always had a rocky relationship with Katy Evans' books. Some I love, others not so much but I have to be honest by saying that Mr. President is definitely my favourite of hers. Now at the time I read this the US election was taking place so I found it weird, however, I absolutely loved Matt and Charlotte's story, despite the age gap between the couple. It was a beautiful, raw, stripped back and honest romance story that shows the price of what you pay when you want your cake and try to eat it too. Simply beautiful, even better that their story continues in Book 2, Commander in Chief.


I've read a few Emma Hart novels now and I'm always torn on how I feel about them. Some of her earlier works truly feel naively written, however, over the last two years I have seen such a growth in her character development, story telling and writing. Especially with her 'Holly Woods Files' series and now her 'Stripped' Duology. Stripped Bare pulled me in with the love story of Mia and West. Set in the back drop of Las Vegas and filled with the Vegas strip I couldn't be any more enamoured with the story. I couldn't put the book down until I finished it in one sitting. I don't know what it is about forbidden romance but all I can say is that it's one of my favourite tropes. Incredible.


I had first heard of Cora Carmack when her self-published novel, Losing It had been picked up by a major publisher and while that series didn't have any appeal for me the 'Rusk University' series definitely did. The entire series takes place in and around Rusk University and follows a friendship group while they deal with college, family life and falling in love. All Lined Up is the first book in this series and I can only praise Cora for making me fall in love with a good guy because Carson is the true definition of a Gentleman. His story with Dallas was a total meet-cute and I loved how Cora really pushed boundaries and made this one feel a little more mature in dynamics. This is a favourite of mine and Book 2, All Broke Down and Book 3, All Played Out are super great follow on as well. Now I just need Book 4, All Closed off in my hands when it releases in July.

I hope any of you guys reading this post will pick at least one of these series up because they're so, so, so good. All of them drew me in from page 1 and left me wanting more. And while New Adult is a somewhat controversial genre, I honestly believe that these books represent the genre so well.

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