Books I Wish Had A Sequel

This week I'm really working hard on bringing you guys a post each day of the week except the weekend. So that is five brand new content of work from me, all different and all relating to our favourite things in the world; books. So todays topic is books I would love a sequel to. Now all three books are standalones, however, I do sometimes feel that while the ending is nice there is still so much more I want from these books, or another POV I'd like to see. Now my list does only consist of three books but all the books on this list are some of my all time favourites.


In 'I Was Here' we know that Megan has committed suicide, we know she's battled with depression which may seem unusual as to why I'd love a story from her POV. Set before her ending in life and after she starts at her new school. I want to see what really factored into her suicide and what her final thoughts were. And while that may seem personal I really feel like there's a lesson to be learned from it.


We've all mentioned how we'd love a sequel to this story, because the truth is Eleanor and Parks story is not over. Even Rainbow mentioned that herself when I went to a book signing of hers back in 2014 and she mentioned that Eleanor and Park always felt like a duology but the two combining books being set years apart. And it totally makes sense. Do Eleanor and Park finally reconnect? Are they happy with other people? This is the important stuff I want - and need - to know.


THUG is one of my favourite books of this year and I know Angie has announced that there will be another book set in the same world, which I'm so excited about because Angie just delivers on a raw, fresh narrative that we don't see often in YA. Now for myself I'd really love to see a story about DeVante and how he copes with leaving the gang and what happens in the gang world, because normally their motto is "Once your in you can never leave". I also want to see what happens with his future as I believe he has some great things ahead of him.

So those are a few of the books I'd love to see a sequel to.
What books do you wish could have a sequel?
Let me know in the comments.

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