Book to TV Show Recommendations

So recently I've been obsessed with TV shows, however, most of these shows started out as published novels and then adapted for the small screen. So because of that very reason I want to recommend you guys my favourite book to TV show adaptations. Now the list is small; and when I say small I actually mean it.

THE 100

The 100 is already on its 4th season and I cannot believe how fast the time has flown by since we got introduced to the bunch of rag tag teens in the Pilot episode. The show stars Eliza Clarke who you may know from Australian soap, Neighbours. Talking about Australian soaps, Bob Morley who portrays Bellamy also starred in both Neighbours and Home & Away.

Now what's special with this series is that the book and TV show were all in production at the same time and I'm pretty sure the show premiered before the release date of the book. But I will say the TV show has a better plot line and character arc than the book series does. But if you're after loving characters, a dangerous world but kick ass action then you'll love this series.


Big Little Lies made ripples when it was published back in 2014. Telling the story of three school mothers who get wrapped up in a murder mystery in their small town. The book broke down each character, showcasing their lives behind closed doors and that makes for an incredible series. Madeline is portrayed by Legally Blonde legend, Reese Whitherspoon. Celeste is portrayed by Nicole Kidman and Jane, the single mother with a whole load of secrets is portrayed by our very much beloved Shailene Woodley. Other cast include Zoe Kravitz and Alexander Skarsgard. Now the show does show an abusive relationship between Celeste and Perry, which is so well acted and keeps you very much on your feet.

Currently there are only 3 episodes out in the UK, showcasing on Sky Atlantic but I can easily confess that this has become a favourite show of mine. I love the drama surrounding a secret filled small town that's soon to crack. Right now I'd say this may be better than Broadchurch.

I can't really tell you much about the Archie Comics but what I can tell you is that the shows adaptation known as Riverdale is one of the best Teen shows to hit the screens since Gossip Girls and 90210. Set in small town, Riverdale after the shocking events occurring a murder over the summer the show follows the lives of every one affected.
And who killed Jason Blossom?
The casting of the show is very varied as most of the cast are unknown to the acting world, however, the show does include a crush of my childhood years: Cole Sprouse. Cole portrays wannabe writer and narrator of the show, Jughead who possibly may know more than he's letting off. But overall this is a show that keeps on getting better. And to let you know how good it is, Season 1 has yet to even finish airing and it's already been renewed for a second season.
Know any more book to TV show adaptations I should watch?
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