5 Popular Books I Have Not Read

At this rate I'm really just trying to write up a bunch of blog posts so I can get quite a few out for the last month of the year. For 2017 I really hope to at least get 5 posts a month up on the blog, however, it all depends on my working schedule and the schedule I have for all the Drag events I have coming up. When it comes to reading I'm finding I do have less and less time for it, so it's always precious when I find a book that completely enthrals me. These 5 books are hugely popular and I've not read them. Some of them I will never read, other's I plan on reading but just have not got to reading them.

So let's go ahead and introduce you to the popular books I've not read...


I love Cassandra Clare. The Mortal Instruments is one of my favourite series, it's iconic. And Sophie and Gideon from The Infernal Devices are forever and always an all time OTP of mine. But I've not yet read Lady Midnight. I own it. In fact I own 2 copies of it; the normal paperback and what was, at the time, a signed limited edition of the book. I did write a blog post about me not having read Lady Midnight a few months ago and I'm really glad I waited to read 'Tales From the Shadowhunter Academy' because it gave me a slight introduction to some of the characters who will be in 'The Dark Artifices' series. My plan is to start reading Lady Midnight when I get time off from work, which is in roughly in less than a weeks time.


Everyone. And I mean everyone has talked about this book and how good it is, and yet here I sit not having read it. And the bigger scandal? I don't care to read it. I hate books written in diary or letter form. They're just not for me. However, I would like to watch the movie because it's one I've also not watched. I can fully appreciate people's love for this novel and the author; I can also appreciate that it was one of the first YA contemporary novels a lot of people read and either got them into reading or got them into YA, and I love that. I truly do.


I know, I know, I know. Please do not shoot me. I have not read a book by V.E Schwab. I definitely do want to read a book by her because I've heard such incredible things about her writing and her characters, more so in regards to Vicious because she made Villains loveable. Out of all her books, This Savage Song is definitely the one I'm most interested in and will probably end up reading before the others but Vicious is definitely giving me some 'The Tomorrow People' vibes. Also V.E Schwab is so hilariously lovely on Twitter.


I loved A Court of Thorns and Roses. It was one of my favourite books of 2015 and was also one of the very first Fantasy books that I really, really enjoyed. So when Bloomsbury emailed me about receiving a copy of ACOMAF to review I jumped at the chance thinking I would read it as soon as it arrived. Only I never did and have still not read it. I'm not sure what's stopping me. I did start it, even read around 79 pages but the size was so intimidating and I'm just not in the mood for something filled with romance and magic.


This is actually one of the only Colleen Hoover books I have yet to read and I don't know if I will read it. Colleen Hoover is one of my all time favourite authors, however, Hopeless has a storyline that just hasn't seemed to grab my attention. Maybe it's waiting for a right time to pop out at me and shout "READ ME" and then I will but at the moment I'm content with the books I've read and enjoyed by her.

Now I'm sure I'm not the only one who hasn't read quite a lot of the popular books out there. In fact I know there's at least another thousand books that are super popular that I have no interest in reading. But what I want to know is: What are the top 3 popular books you guys have not read? Tell me in the comments!

Majorly Disappointing Books of 2016

So we're coming to the last month of 2016, and therefore, that means many book bloggers will be posting about their favourite books of the year, their favourite authors, book covers, etc. And I've decided to start it off with my least favourite reads of 2016. This list will be completely honest, especially since two of these books were some of my most anticipated. If you're willing to share your most disappointing books of 2016 with me then please publish the link to your post in the comment section of this post.

Now let's get this started...


If I Was Your Girl was one of my most anticipated releases of 2016. The author herself is a Transgender woman and knowing the main character of the book is a newly outed Transgender girl called Amanda Hardy I thought she would have represented something stripped back, honest and heart-breaking. She did neither. What she represented was a passable girl with good feminine looks, soft voice and a girl who can get all the guys; if she wanted, that is. Meredith also doesn't have the writing and storytelling skills to have produced the book in the best way. It was short and choppy, leaving no room for Amanda to be liked. She had no personality. However, I did like that Meredith kept it very realistic on the scale of hormones as some books about Transgender characters have left that out.


I never expected a book by one of my all time favourite authors to be on this list but Colleen Hoovers release this year really left me feeling heart-broken. And not in a good way. I honestly just did not like the book. The main character, Lily was so conflicting and I could not connect to her at all. And while I appreciate what Colleen was doing with the taboo subject of mental and physical abuse, I just thought it got over shadowed by the awful love triangle in the book. I actually really liked Atlas, especially getting to know him through those letters Lily wrote to Ellen but Ryle's reasoning for the abuse was just utter bullshit and I think Colleen knows that as well.


I was sent this book to review from the publishers. I've previously read and enjoyed books by Jennifer, so I was excited to read this one especially because I know how well Jennifer writes romance. But I was just so disappointed by every page. The characters only got worse as the book went along and the romance/relationship just did not sit well with me. I understood that Rider protected her when she was a child but the fact that they both love each other when they first see each other after like 4 years? Not at all realistic, or good to read about.


This was the last book in the Seabreeze series and I was super excited as this was about Nannette who's known as the bitch in the series. However, what I got was a waste of time. If anything I don't think Abbi Glines had a clear plot for the story but just wanted to add one in for Nannette. Major (he's a character by the way) just did not need to be involved in the story and this whole mafia type thing between Major and Gannon was awful. A story of just Nan and Gannon would have suited me just fine.

Before I started writing this post I did believe I had more than 4 books that left me feeling disappointed, however, it turns out that some books I didn't have a high standard about before reading. Now while I did not enjoy these books that does not mean that you will feel the same. We're all different in regards to what we read and all views I've expressed are my own. There's no need to be getting salty over them.