Why I've Still Not Read Lady Midnight

So many people have been messaging me on Goodreads wondering why I've not read Lady Midnight. And normally I'd have an answer for that question but I have so many answers that it's difficult to always explain to people. As a reader, I am not someone who can pick up a book just because it's a new release that I have been anticipating. I mean, I have been waiting for Lady Midnight to come out since the ending of The Mortal Instruments, which is a seriously long time. But I'm the type of reader that chooses what they read pending on their mood and the sort of genre they feel like reading.

For example: if I'm stressed out and in the Contemporary mood then I would generally tend to pick a short book to read. Short but sweet and something that'll help with escapism. If it's a sunny day and I want something to reciprocate my mood then I would generally pick something New Adult, possibly something with travel.

And I'm not just a mood reader. Sometimes I like to wait until the second book release date, which I something I'm doing with Lady Midnight. I don't want to be waiting so long for each book to be released, especially forcing myself to read Lady Midnight when I'm just not feeling anything of that genre at this specific place in time. The book is over 700 pages long, so I'll need the time to actually read it and I don't have that time right now.

If you've checked Goodreads like I have then you'd know that it had really good ratings and loads of people are saying it's Cassie's best work yet, which hypes it up too much for me. Hype can ruin my perspective on things because I immediately assume that it's the best piece of literature ever. Which I'm sure it is, because Cassie is one of the best writer's out there. I will eventually read Lady Midnight. But at my own time and at my own pace.

Have you read Lady Midnight?
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My Favourite Books of 2016 (So Far)

So the year of 2016 has been a decent year of good books for myself. However, that is mainly due to the fact that I've been reading very little this year. Starting a new job and working over 40 hours a week does that but that doesn't mean I haven't read any good books. In fact I think I've read quite a few really outstanding books. So today I'm going to be highlighting my top 5 books of 2016 (so far). But the list is likely to change with a few books coming out over the next few months that I'm sure will change my life.

1. The Rose Society by Marie Lu (The Young Elites #2)

The Rose Society is without a doubt my favourite book of the year so far, and I cannot wait until the third book comes out in September. If you've not read The Young Elites by Marie Lu then I highly recommend that you pick yourself up a copy because you are missing out on something special and unique. The series has dark action to boot and sizzling romantic chemistry. I love everything about this series.

2. Bad For You by Abbi Glines (Sea Breeze #7)

I'm going to be honest with everyone and say that I've not read all the books in this series but Bad For You is so preciously good. I love the relationship dynamic between Krit and Blythe - her innocence and his addictive personality. Abbi Glines doesn't just deliver on sexiness but she delivers on every emotional level as well. I could forever read about this couple.

3. The Best Goodbye by Abbi Glines (Rosemary Beach #13)

I've been reading this series like it's the most precious chocolate in the world and I'm sad to see that it's officially over. Captain and Addy's story is so emotional and heart-breaking and it was so great seeing the past and present interactions. Captain's loyalty through the book is unquestionable and I love the fact that Abbi delivered so much drama with this one.

4. The Crown by Kiera Cass (The Selection #5)

I was honestly so disappointed by 'The Heir'. Eadlyn just wasn't a character I liked to follow, she was just too naïve and immature. But she really proved herself in The Crown. Her character development flourished and I'm so happy with her Selection pick. He was worthy of her as much as she was worthy of him. It's a bittersweet ending to the series, I just wish it hadn't ended.

5. Us by Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy (Him #2)

I couldn't get over the perfection that was Him. I loved the relationship build up of Jamie and Wes, seeing their transition from friends to boyfriends. They're a couple so perfect. Us wasn't as good as Him but I immensely enjoyed it. Blake is now one of my all time favourite male characters. Ever!

What have been your favourite books of the year so far?
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