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So today I found a tweet on Twitter from a user who's come across a bunch of ARC's that were from BEA / Bookcon for sale on Ebay. And there's been a lot of comments on the topic. For me, I live in the UK and was unlucky not to be able to go due to insufficient funds. It's my dream to go to BEA / Bookcon. I love books and want to experience something like this, but when I see people going to get ARC's just so they can sell them, now that pisses me off.


Selling ARC's on Ebay is actually illegal, not only that but it shows massive disrespect to the authors who write their arses off and the publishers who work so hard to bring those books into our hands. And this isn't the first time that ARC's have been sold on Ebay after BEA / Bookcon. It happened last year and the year before that, and before long either BEA / Bookcon will stop handing out ARC's or publishers and authors will be very limited on handing them out and I wouldn't even blame them.

These people need to realise that they're not just ruining the experience for the authors and publishers, but also us readers. People haven't turned up just to get ARC's, they've also attended to talk to their favourite authors and meet the people they've been speaking to online. It's an event, one that brings people closer together and it just hurts me that some people only care about getting an ARC just for money. It's honestly pathetic and you need to get a life.

What are your thoughts on this topic?
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  1. I completely agree with you. There is so much work and love that goes in to each book and selling off ARC's cheap. Just. Ugh. Not cool.