Books to TV Series #2 | All Souls Trilogy

I can't believe how popular the first post of this new series on my blog was. I'm....well, speechless which doesn't happen often. I'm so happy that you guys all liked the series idea and showed me support on social media.

Today's pick is the All Souls Trilogy by Deborah Harkness. Now I actually have a story about this series and my love of it. This series is unlike anything I have ever read before, a lot of people, teenagers mainly compare the book to Twilight since it's their only reference but it's nothing like Twilight. And I mean nothing. It's filled with historical references, action and a lot of romance. So much swoon-worthy romance

I discovered the book in 2011, when I was 15 or 16 years old. At the time I was highly addicted to Paranormal TV shows like Most Haunted and Paranormal Witness. I may or may not have looked into learning witchcraft. I was in my local Tesco's when I spotted the book. The cover and title sucked me in and I bought it. When I got home I had tried to read it but couldn't get past the first few pages. They were kind of very mundane and so I threw the book into my bedside cabinet and forgot about it. Until a month later. I was bored one Saturday afternoon and picked it up. I got past the first chapter and before long I was falling in love with the characters and their story. By Sunday night I have read over 400 pages. And that was a whole lotta pages back then, especially with its tiny font. I had school on Monday. Did I go? Nope. I was more bothered about finishing the book, so I faked that I was ill. My mother bought it and I spent the entire day drinking tea, eating tomato soup and finishing off the last 250 pages. It's fair to say that it was the best day off I've ever had.

Anyway. Last year Deborah announced that the BBC had bought the TV rights for the series and I freaked the freak out. I was so giddy. This series was the series that got me into reading, not only that it is the one series that I have reread so many times. (No joke! I've read ADoW 23 times, SoN 8 times and TBoL once.) When Deborah announced a few years ago that the movie rights had sold I will be honest and say that I was a little annoyed. Happy but mainly annoyed. I love the series and a movie just would not work. The potential for a series and by BBC is so huge. I have faith in what they'll do and I'm sure they won't mind if I nag until I get a small role in the series myself. (Okay. That will NEVER happen, but who knows? Life is surprising) Iflist has it's own fan casting but here are some of my own fan casts.

Diana Bishop // Diane Kruger // Inglorious Basterds, The Host
Matthew Clairmont // Richard Armitage // North and South, The Hobbit
Ysabeau de Clermont //  Mélanie Thierry // Babylon A.D, Henry V
Sarah Bishop // Kathy Bates // Titanic, American Horror Story
Emily Mather //
Hamish Osbourne // Daniel Radcliffe // Harry Potter, The Woman in Black, Horns
Marthe // Adrienne Barbeau // The Fog, Maude, Batman (Animated Series)
Gallowglass de Clermont // Charlie Hunnam // Sons of Anarchy, Pacific Rim
Marcus Whitmore //  Dan Stevens // Donwton Abbey

Miriam Sherpard // Claire Foy // Season of the Witch, Wolf Hall

I am super excited for whatever the BBC does and I know that these fan castings probably won't happen, but it's been fun looking at who I think would make for a great series.
Who would you fan cast as these characters?
Let me know in the comments!


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