Why I Don't Read E-Books

I honestly have nothing against E-books. I think they're are great stepping stone for the next generation of readers, however they're not the right fit for me. One of the things I loved as a child was being able to hold the book in my hand,  feel a connection like nothing else. Because when I was reading a physical copy, I wasn't just reading the book but living it as well. And that is something I just don't get when I use an E-Reader (I currently use the iBooks app).

Since the Kindle first came out I've noticed that everyone has started using them. Their prices for books are cheaper, all the books are stored on one device and they're a lot easier to carry around if you're going on a day out to the seaside. And there is no reason why anyone should stop using them.

But it isn't just a barrier problem with me for E-books. I tend to find that I can't focus as much when I read off one. I skim read and know that it's easy to just skip a few chapters and carry on from there, and that's not what I should be doing. For short stories and novellas, I find it easier to read on an E-reader because they take like 20 minutes to read and then it's over. Plus it's normally the only way to read novellas until they're published in paperback format with other novellas.

So really it's just a matter of me not being able to connect with the book as much on an E-reader as I do in physical form. I'm a book hoarder, collector. And maybe I'm sometimes a book sniffer, because some books do smell...nice, fresh. I'll still forever read my novellas on my iBooks app, but that's it. I own like 20 books on there but none of them will be really read. Just for show.

What do you guys think about E-books?
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  1. I feel exactly the same nothing beats the feel, smell and atmosphere of turning the page ... Although I do have a Kindle app on my tablet and I find I use it a little more now I've started reading Stephen King as it's a little easier for the larger novels with 1000+ pages ... But I agree that the feeling isn't the same and the adventure you go on through an authors eyes is muted somehow

    1. I completely agree! I've started using the Kindle app more for E-Arcs but I will always prefer a physical copy :h

  2. I do read some Ebooks but I find paperbacks easier to enjoy.