Things I Want to See in LGBT Fiction

I found out about the #WeNeedDiverseBooks campaign about 2 years ago and I absolutely love what they're promoting and achieving. However, I've lately been seeing a lot of LGBT books that feature the same things and as a gay guy, I think it's time that we had more diversity.

What I'd love to see LGBT Fiction:

. Couple's being in love rather than falling in love -  Every book is about someone coming out and finding love along the way, but I want to see someone actually being in love. I want to see the changes of a relationship when they've grown together as a couple, and really know each other. I want an honest story, not some bullshit fairy tale about a sixteen year old who has met "The One".

. Sex - Yes. It's not just me that wants sex in LGBT Fiction. A lot of authors and publishers tend to leave that place alone but it is so needed, because gay people do have sex. I could go into it a lot more but George Lester's video tells you everything that I think about the topic. His video is one of my favourites on the topic!

. LGBT Retellings - Michelle over at flutteringbutterflies mentioned that she'd love to see retellings with an LGBT twist. I honestly hadn't thought of that, but when she mentioned it I actually thought it was a brilliant idea. I think the world is ready for a new kind of retelling.
. Dealing with a younger audience - Some may say that having books based on LGBT for younger children is preaching, but it's educating them. This year alone I have seen a few middle grade and children's books based around Transgendered children and I think it's fantastic. At lot of people see children as not really knowing what's going on, but I think they do. When I was 4 years old, I didn't know what being gay was, but I knew I was different and nothing like the other boys in my class.
. Exploring LGBT - It's great getting LGBT books but I also have to admit that I'm a little annoyed that they stop at LGBT (and there's not that many of them out there!). LGBT is just the base, but there are so many more definitions in between. I'd really love to see books exploring asexuality, androgyny, bi-gendered, genderfuck. And so many more - LGBT Variants.
Now I'm not the only one who wants to see some changes with LGBT fiction. Here are two posts I completely recommend you guys read.
What would you guys like to see more of in LGBT Fiction?
Let me know in the comments.

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