Monthly Reading Wrap Up | June 2015

The month of June was definitely an unusual reading month for me. Within the first couple of days I finished 3 books, and then 2 or 3 days later I finished my 4th. Then things stumbled from there....I was more bothered about watching TV and Netflix than picking up a book, and when I did get around to doing that, I got bored! Nothing could get me out, I was in a reading slump.

All Lined Up by Cora Carmack - 4 Stars

I was pleasantly surprised with All Lined Up. I wasn't a big fan of Losing It, which was Cora's first book published, however, All Lined Up was an adorable treat. I read it in 4 hours and I fell in love with Carson. I love a bad boy, but he was a gorgeous gentleman and for once, I loved a good boy.

All Broke Down by Cora Carmack - 4 Stars

All Broke Down was a little more serious than All Lined Up, which I liked, especially since it added a depth to Silas' character. Silas appeared as a cocky player in All Lined Up, but I was happy to see that there was more to him than meets the eye. All Broke Down was also very, very steamy!

All Played Out by Cora Carmack - 4 Stars

If I am honest, I was disappointed with All Played Out. I had fallen in love with Mateo Torres from the teasers Cora was displaying online, but for some reason I couldn't connect with him at all. He was just a cocky, flirty player that loved sex. I did, however, love Nell. Nell was a character I could easily relate too, and it was great seeing how she grew as a character.

The Taking by Kimberly Derting - 5 Stars

All stop what you are doing because I have found my favourite book of the year! Yes, The Taking had now become my favourite book of the year and for all the right reasons. I'm not a Sci-Fi, Paranormal fan but The Taking immediately dragged me in and I finished it within a day. I loved the main protagonist, Kyra. She was relatable and the perfect mix of girly girl and tomboy. The relationship with Austin was.....heart palpitating. I'm excited to read the sequel, The Replaced.

What books did you read this month?
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