Books with Multiple POV's | Top 5 Wednesday

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This book is actually very uniquely and confusedly told. We mainly follow our Heroine's POV, Cassie, however, the book is split up into different parts, so each part would sometimes start with a different POV. It definitely added depth into this world.
This story follows 3 separate girls whose lives intertwine as they all go out for revenge on the people who's hurt them the most. It's brilliant and vividly done.
A unique fantasy story about Jinni's. The story is a little confusing as we follow our main Heroine's POV, the POV of the Jinni who is after her, her masters and the guy who's come there for help. It's gorgeous written though.
This is mainly told in Diana's POV, but we do get some of the story from her possessive, Vampire husband Matthew. A gorgeous tale with magic and history weaved through each page.
This story follows 3 people. We get to know Lincoln through his story, but we get to know Jen and Beth through their hilarious emails. It's a wonderful story that reads like a movie.
What books have you read with multiple POV's?
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  1. I also included The Fifth Wave. :) I've read the others, except for A Discovery of Witches, which is on my TBR, and Exquisite Captive--which I've been wanting to read. Great list.