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If any of you guys are like me, then you'd know that I am not the only one who is highly anticipating the Shadowhunters TV Show based off the incredible book series by Cassandra Clare. The Mortal Instruments introduced us to some iconic characters as well as a lot of kick ass action.

We've had a movie. That flopped completely and honestly? I didn't particularly like it. The casting was a little off and the actors didn't bring our iconic characters to life. So when it was announced we were getting another chance, but this time as a TV Series, I was hesitant. Not because I didn't think it'd work, but because I wanted it to be done correctly. And since we've been slowly, but surely getting the casts I thought I would talk about them all and give you my opinions.

Clary Fray played by Katherine McNamara

I'm honestly so happy with this casting. Katherine McNamara was on the Disney Channel Original movie Girl vs Monster, and let me tell you, not only is she a great actor but she had a killer voice. I can definitely see her portraying Clary fray in a way that will not only do the series justice, but will make us fans happy.

Some people have expressed how worried they are because her hair is still a little on the blonde side and not red enough, but this is her natural hair colour and it's beautiful. Especially for Clary.

Jace Wayland played by Dominic Sherwood

Most of you will know Dominic from the Vampire Academy Movie, where he played the gorgeous character of Christian Ozera. And while the VA movie completely sucked, Dominic Sherwood's acting did not. He honestly was the better part of the movie, and I am sure he will portray Jace in a way that we'll love.

Fans of The Mortal Instruments have expressed their worry that he'll be a dark-haired Jace Wayland, but if you've seen him in Taylor Swifts 'Style' music video, then you would know that his hair is more of a dark-ish blonde, and still works for Jace.

Simon Lewis played by Alberto Rosende

Robert Sheehan was actually the casting of the movie that I loved. He was perfect. Or so I thought. When Alberto Rosende was announced I was so happy. I've never seen his acting, but his looks are literally spot on with Simon Lewis, and that is without glasses on. I definitely think he is one of my favourite castings and what some people may not know is that Alberto is a Cancer Survivor. His casting and newly found fan-base will be a
great way to spread the word about checking yourself over.

So far all comments on the Shadowhunters Facebook page have been extremely positive, they love this casting just as much as I do. I cannot wait to see him on the show.

Isabelle Lightwood played by Emeraude Toubia

I didn't like the movie Isabelle, so I was open to anything, but I was more than happy with the casting of Emeraude. She's beautiful and definitely had that innocent yet fierce look about her. I've not seen anything she's starred in since they're Spanish (don't quote me on that), but I trust the casting team enough to know that she wouldn't have been cast if she couldn't act.

Once again, the fans on Facebook love this casting just like me and I'm excited to see how she'll portray Isabelle. Welcome to the team, Emeraude!

Alec Lightwood played by Matthew Daddario

Kevin Zegers was way too old to portray Alec, and his acting totally didn't live up to par, so I wasn't sure if I'd like the TV Show casting. Alec isn't exactly a favourite character of mine, despite his sexuality. However, the casting team did a great job and I really like this casting. Matthew has had a few small roles in some movies such as Delivery Man and When the Game Stands Tall. He also happens to be the brother of Alexandra Daddario who portrayed Annabeth in the Percy Jackson Movies.

Most fans have commented on the fact that his eyes aren't blue. But there are a thing called Eye Contacts.

Luke Garroway played by Isaiah Mustafa

I have to be honest with everyone. When I first saw this casting I wasn't too fussed, not because of his skin colour, but because I've only seen one of the TV movies he was in and I his acting didn't stand out. However, the casting has been growing and growing on me, and I'm definitely looking forward to how he portrays Luke. Luke is described as a cool, calm and collected character with a rage buried underneath the barriers and I have hope that he'll do it decently.

I also want to take the time to actually say something to the Shadowhunter Fandom. I am actually disgusted with some of them because they were racist towards the casting. It's belittling and extremely unmoral, Cassandra Clare and the casting team were happy with their decision and his audition, so take that on board before you comment abusive things because he's not how you pictured Luke.

Valentine Morgenstern played by Alan Van Sprang

Everyone has screamed nothing but positive things about Alan
and his acting. He played an evil, vicious King on the TV Series Reign - which I have not seen - but I am excited to now watch the show. His look is spot on, and I honestly hope that they won't make him wear a white wig, even though Valentine is described as having white hair. He has the look and I'm sure his acting is great!

Magnus Bane played by Harry Shum Jr

Okay, this is easily my favourite casting of the series so far. I was still flailing around an hour after he was announced, and I'm pretty sure he is the perfect actor to play Magnus. Harry is a great actor - and dancer - so I know he'll have no trouble bringing Magnus to life. And what is so great about this casting is that Cassandra Clare fan-casted him 3 years ago, so did the Glee cast.

Everyone have been praising this casting, especially since it was such a surprise, one that not even I saw coming! Ps, I want a Magnus vs Alec dance battle.

Jocelyn Fray/Fairchild played by Maxim Roy

I really like this casting. A lot. I always pictured Jocelyn as very intense looking but with a very gentle undertone, and I think Maxim has that look nailed down. Because I live in the UK, I don't really know any of these newer castings, but I've heard great things about Maxim's acting. She's starred in 19 - 2 as a detective and an unknown show to me, called Defying Gravity.

On a side note, Maxim has now got a red tint to her hair.

Hodge Starkweather played by Jon Cor

I know what you're thinking, "When did Hodge get HOT?!" Well, I have your answer.

In the City of Bones movie, Hodge looks to be in his mid to late forties going onto his early fifties. But, actually, he's 36 years old, younger than Jocelyn. Judging on looks, I think Jon Cor is great, but I've not seen him act yet. He starred in American Pie Presents: The Naked mile in 2006 as Trent, which I watched but don't remember enough to say I remember him specifically. He's also portrayed Jake in British TV series, Beaver Falls.

What do you guys think of the castings?
Let me know in the comments.

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