Books I'll never read | Top 5 Wednesday

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My edition is signed by Becca since I met her last year in November, but I honestly have no desire to read it, or her other book Black Ice. The premise of Hush, Hush isn't something I like, but maybe one day I will give it a try, but I doubt it.
Honestly? I just dislike John Green's writing style and characters. They're always the same and I actually think he has zero idea how to write a decent, likeable character. I'd rather leave those two alone and dose them with petrol and set them alight.
I will never pick up another book by Karina Halle. I read Dirty Angels and was completely offended by it all. Her writing wasn't anything special either. Just no, no, no, no, no!
Slammed should have been a stand-a-lone. I honestly don't know why Colleen wrote 3 books when there wasn't a storyline in Point of Retreat, so to continue it with This Girl makes completely no sense.
What books will you never read?
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