ARC Review: Three Amazing Things About You by Jill Mansell

"Each page was a Gem, I simply adored this book."

Title: Three Amazing Things About You
Author: Jill Mansell
Genre: Chick Lit
Publisher: Headline
Published: January 15th 2015
Page Number: 384
Rating: 5/5

Hallie has a secret. She's in love. He's perfect for her; he's even single. But he's out of bounds. And her friends aren't going to help her because what they do know is that Hallie hasn't got long to live.

Flo has a dilemma. She really likes Zander. But his scary sister won't be even faintly amused if she thinks Zander and Flo are becoming friends - let alone anything more...

Tasha has a problem. Her new boyfriend is the adventurous type. And she's afraid one of his adventures will go badly wrong.

THREE AMAZING THINGS ABOUT YOU begins as Hallie goes on a journey. She's about to get a new heart. But whose heart is it?
I finished Three Amazing Things About You late last night and it's still very much focused in my mind. I remember every emotions the characters went through, I remember all the little details that most people missed, because the truth is, I adored this book.
This is my second Jill Mansell book (Her last one, The Unpredictable Consequences of Love was amazing!) and I sincerely loved it. Jill has a way of writing very easy connecting characters that you fall in love with from the first word and you get eager to know what's happening to them. Hallie was disabled, but one of the strongest, freshest characters I've read. Flo was strong-minded and easily loved, Tasha was everything, but most of all, sassy!
We don't just follow those three characters, but we also follow their love interests and I have to hand it over to Jill. All three male characters were easy to connect with and they were so swoon-worthy. I loved them all for different reasons.
I've never read a Chick Lit book that takes you on such a journey. It starts off all very cute and then drags you down to the pit of hell. Emotions go running and so do your tears. I completely remember having myself re-reading specific scenes that made my mind go crazy because I had to make sure that what I read was true.
It was.
And it broke my heart.
We follow every character on a journey of life, love and loss. Unexpected twists turn up out-of-the-blue, but the end result was utterly beautiful and enchanting. I'd recommend this to everyone who's looking for something fresh in a book.

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