Top 5 Wednesday: Favourite Re-Reads

Top 5 Wednesday was set up by Lainey over at GingerReadsLainey. Every week you have a new topic and you pick your top 5 choices for each topic. This is done in Vlogs, but I think it will be great for Bloggers to do as well. Today's topic is our Favourite books to re-read. I don't know if it's books you like to re-read over Christmas or just favourite books to re-read, so I'm going with the one that makes sense to me.

So, there are actually only two books that I re-read because I use them for writing inspiration. Beautiful Disaster is the book that got me wanting to write New Adult Fiction and going back to it inspires me with my male characters, because I sometimes write them a little too feminine. Pushing the Limits is used for the emotions and relationship. Katie McGarry knows how to punch someone in the gut with feelings!

These are 3 books that I am hoping to re-read in the year of 2015. the Divergent trilogy because the Insurgent movie comes out in March, Angelfall and World After so I can prepare for the third and final book, and Prisoner of Night and Fog because I was in a high reading slump when I read it.
What books have to re-read the most? Which ones do you plan on re-reading?

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