New Adult Recommendations

New Adult was never really a huge genre before, but now it's one of the biggest and most loved. I started reading New Adult after I found Erotica (50 shades) to be too much sex for me. I wanted something sexy, but fun, with great storylines as well. So here are 5 of my favourite New Adult books.
After by Anna Todd - Anna Todd became famous after 'After' become one of Wattpad's most read books. It may have been a 1D Fan Fiction originally, but everyone fell in love with it. I haven't read the published version, but I have read the Wattpad version. It was good.
Breathe by Abbi Glines - This is a big series, so you may want to make sure you have a lot of time on hand to read these. Not only is there the Sea Breeze series, but there's also the Rosemary Beach, and the Too Far series. That is a lot of sexy New Adult.
Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire - Jamie is one of my favourites. Her books are so addictive with incredible characters and a lot of drama. The relationship in Beautiful Disaster is a little intense, but Travis 'Mad-Dog' Maddox is sexy-as-sin and so are his brothers.
Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover - Colleen Hoover is the Queen of New Adult. There isn't one book I've read by her that I haven't loved, and what makes Maybe Someday the perfect New Adult is that it's more up-beat and comes with a side track. Also, Maybe Not was recently released, so it's definitely the right time to read it!
Slammed by Colleen Hoover - Like I said, QUEEN! Slammed is even better than Maybe Someday. It's filled with three beautiful, intense, heart-breaking storylines. And it's also got incredible slam poetry. Everything about this book was beautiful and I guess it's why she's been quotes as the 'female version of Nicholas Sparks'
What are some of your favourite New Adult books?

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