Book Tag | Let it Snow

As it's December 1st I have decided that we need to kick the month off with a Christmas book tag. Let it Snow was the perfect one, and it was so quick and easy to write up. Anyway, I hope y'all have an amazing Christmas and I'll see you in 2015 (this is not my last post, lol).

1. What book gets you in the holiday spirit?
I've picked My True Love Gave to Me because it's a bunch of Christmas short stories and that'll get you into to Christmassy mood. Also, despite not having read it, I have won a copy of the book from Goodreads (MyKindaBooks) and I'm excited to start it!

2. It's a blizzard outside and you're snowed in, which character would you want to be stuck inside with?

I've chosen a character that no one else is going to pick: Mara Dyer from The Mara Dyer trilogy by Michelle Hodkin. She's in no way a trust worthy character because she's insane, but I just absolutely love her. She's a quirky character who's completely likeable.

3. You're having a snow fight, which cold hearted character would you aim for first?
He's not a horrible character, but this character got on my nerves so so much. I wanted to punch him whenever he appeared and that's not how I should feel about a character, especially one that was a side character. Aspen may be a guard, but he's so childish. It's a pity he wasn't shot!

4. Which family would you like to spend the holidays with?

Easy. I'd want to spend the holidays at The London Institute with Charlotte Branwell and everyone else. Despite not being a real family by blood, they acted like one and everyone was welcome. Plus I happen to love the 19th century. The clothes, the mannerisms, everything! Also, I want to meet Sophie and Gideon and see them get married.

5. Who would you want to kiss under the mistletoe?

Jase from My Life Next Door. He's my ultimate book boyfriend, so it seems right for me and him to kiss under the Mistletoe. However, if he's not the best kisser than I have a few guys on standby. *Starts counting down on fingers* Ridge from Maybe Someday, Adam from Where She Went and Will from Slammed.

6. Which character was on the Naughty list, but made his/her way on to the nice list?

Warren from Maybe Not (Maybe Someday #1.5) He's always been a great character, but Maybe Not showed a whole new side to him. He was sexy and masculine, almost an alpha male. He just gave me all the good reasons for me to love him......and man does he have patience.

7. You're HOME ALONE, when two burglars come into your house. Which character would you want to help fight them off?

Since I'm not like any of the boys from Home Alone, I will definitely need help in fighting them off. I'd have Tris from Divergent because she is fearless. She's kick ass and even though she's not the most happy of characters, she could shank a bitch if need be. DAUNTLESS FOREVER!

8. The Hallmark channel is having a holiday movie marathon, what book has the cheesiest cover?

Every cover of The Lux Series by Jennifer L Armentrout. These are going to be the UK editions and I just.....msbojsbdkjfnsdjkbjks. They're so cheesy, but I will say this: There is nothing wrong with cheese. Especially Hallmark cheese.

Hallmark film recommendation: A Christmas Kiss, Let it Snow and Where Calls the Heart (It's a TV series, but it's soo good!)

9. Spread the holiday love, who do you tag?

*Grabs mic and sings* And you and you and you!

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