Top 5 Wednesday: Favourite Female Characters

Top 5 Wednesday was set up by Lainey over at GingerReadsLainey. Every week you have a new topic and you pick your top 5 choices for each topic. This is done in Vlogs, but I think it will be great for Bloggers to do as well. Today's topic is Top 5 Favourite Female Characters, which is a topic I'm having a struggle with because I love a lot of female characters, like most of anyone does. But I've tried my best to name my top five.

So without further ado......

FIFTH PLACE: Clary Fray from The Mortal Instruments.

The reason why I like Clary so much is because she shows both sides of being weak and strong. She's not perfect and kick-ass in the first book, like some female characters are that it makes it realistic. Plus Clary is a character that everyone can relate too, she's a normal teenage girl who's got a somewhat hard life and struggling to make a choice between boys. (I also like Maia from this series, but she was only in the last few of them, not from the beginning.)

FOURTH PLACE: Luna Lovegood from the Harry Potter Series.

Luna is one of those characters that would be my best friend if I was in those novels. She's weird, which I like, but she's mysterious and kind, and has a gentle soul. Plus she can be a different person with a wand. My only dislike to her is her father because he is all kinds of creepy, but she, herself is a pretty cool chick. I still hate that she ended up with Neville, I thought her and Ron would've made a cute couple.

THIRD PLACE: Kat from the Burn for Burn Trilogy.

In the first book I wasn't so fussed on Kat. I liked her, but not enough for her to be my favourite character. In the second book, Fire with Fire she's so much better. She's a loyal friend, who deserved a lot more chapters. Plus I liked the fact she was a tomboy who kind of flirted with everyone. But please the lord, can she get with Alex. They're super adorable together and her whining is kind of getting on my nerves. In a good way.

SECOND PLACE: Christina from the Divergent Trilogy.

Everyone knows that I never really connected with Tris and Four in the whole trilogy, but I did with Christina. She's another person I'd be friends with and not because she tells the truth, but because she's got attitude and sass, something Tris doesn't possess. She also shows herself to be a worthy friend and I like that. I still have a question for Veronica Roth though. What happened to Tris' personality?

FIRST PLACE: Eleanor from Eleanor and Park.

I connect with Eleanor in so many ways. She's a character that I want to see more of in Young Adult fiction because it's real life. Not every girl happens to be stick thin and perfect, some stick out in society and it should be celebrated. For me, Eleanor is the character you can relate to in some way, but she's also very lovable. You connect with her and her life and then.....BAM! She stabs you in the heart and kind of ruins the whole story (in a good way). I would like to know what Eleanor would look like as an Adult.

So who are some of your favourite female characters? Let me know in the comments, so we can discuss them!

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