Review: Queen of Zombie Hearts by Gena Showalter

Title: Queen of Zombie Hearts (The White Rabbit Chronicles #3)
Author: Gena Showalter
Genre: Paranormal
Publisher: Mira Ink
Published: October 3rd 2014
Page Number: 464

Alice "Ali" Bell thinks the worst is behind her. She's ready to take the next step with boyfriend Cole Holland, the leader of the zombie slayers…until Anima Industries, the agency controlling the zombies, launches a sneak attack, killing four of her friends. It's then she realizes that humans can be more dangerous than monsters…and the worst has only begun.

As the surviving slayers prepare for war, Ali discovers she, too, can control the zombies…and she isn't the girl she thought she was. She's connected to the woman responsible for killing—and turning—Cole's mother. How can their relationship endure? As secrets come to light, and more slayers are taken or killed, Ali will fight harder than ever to bring down Anima—even sacrificing her own life for those she loves.
I'm actually crying while I'm writing this because it's the end of a trilogy. No more books in this world, no more stories of the fantastic characters that Gena have created and shared with us. It's official over. Well, for me it has anyway.
The thing with this series is that each book gets better and better. Alice in Zombieland was crazy good and I never believed that Through the Zombie Glass could get any better, but it did. So for Queen of Zombie Hearts to come and knock them both off the pendulum it was a shock. This one is definitely my favourite out of the three.
Unlike so many Young Adult Paranormal series out there Alice is actually a kick ass character and if I had to match a song to her personality it would be Break the Rules by Charli xcx. But Alice isn't the only kick-ass character in this trilogy. There's Mackenzie, Cole, Frosty, Bronx and so many more, but what's so realistic is that they also have their flaws. Each and every one of them think like this
And they kind of rock. Unlike the first two books Queen of Zombie Hearts brings in new characters that are possibly some of my favourite in the trilogy. We have Helen a Witness who may or may not be evil (People who've read it will know.) and we also have sexy-as-sin River and his new group. River's group are full of slayers, but not all of them can be trusted.
What shocked me about this book was the instant Zombie attacks. I never noticed them coming, pretty much like this
Only these Zombies had more of an idea what they were going to do. Each and every Zombie scene was filled with action, but also had that little bit of un-trust in them as well. Because like I've said, not everyone can be trusted and some of them are on the opposing side. Ooops! Be careful who you side with in future.
Through out the book we see Alice and Cole trying to get through that bad case of sexual tension, but each scene was starting to get hotter and hotter by the minute. And I'm not talking about fighting Zombies. They were both good with their hands if you get my gist.
Overall it's pretty hard to review this book. I had so many feels and therefore I've decided to share with you my Goodreads progress bar and what I said. You may laugh. Or not.
Page 60: Ahh! So darn good. The action is unbelievable.
Page 140: SO GOOD!
Page 196: Damn! River and his boys are smoking hot. Hand me a fan, please.
Page: 220: That's it girl. You tell him!
Page 464: It's over. I'm done. Tears were shed and my heart was beating like I was in a marathon. Bye world. Bye Alice. By Emma. By Sexy guys. Ps, River will you marry me? No. Okay.
My biggest like about this book was that some of the side characters actually played the bigger part. Helen and Emma may have been Witnesses, but the team would never have done it without them. They worked as a team and brought the entire thing down. Burn, baby, burn!
My rating shouldn't count. This series is more than 5 stars, therefore, I give this book infinity stars.

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