Bookish Pet Peeves

We all have them feelings...those feelings of rage when something changes in your favourite series or maybe it upsets of bookish OCD and you need to rant. I understand, I truly do, because I feel the same. Our books are our adopted babies and therefore, we treat them with care. When someone comes along and ruins it, then we want revenge. So I'm going to tell you guys some of the things that really anger me with my bookish pet peeves. (Caution: This is not slating authors, I know they have no say in their covers.)

1. When they change the cover part way (or the end) of a series/trilogy.

I'm not alone when I say this; we hate it! And the annoying thing is that all publishers know we do, but it's how they generate more money. If the cover change is a success then we'll go out and buy the new covers, if they're not so nice then we'll just get the covers and end up with mix n' match. They did this on the All Souls Trilogy by Deborah Harkness (UK) The first two covers matched and then they changed the third book cover (even though it was somewhat better, I still prefer the old versions) to something different. It's still a very good series though, and I now have both old UK and new UK editions.

2. Hardcover books.

Yep! I am one of those people. The ones who hate Hardbacks because they're too heavy to hold. If the hardback is under 320 pages, then I'm okay because it's quite light, but how the hell do publishers expect me to hold a hardback that has over 500 pages? Another thing that annoys me is that they're still publishing the really big hardbacks, when the cute smaller ones are better.

3. The wait between Hardback and Paperback.

Grrrr! This one really annoys me. I believe there's a six to eight month waiting period for a paperback to come out after the hardback, which makes no sense. Why not publish them both at the same time and let the readers decide which copies they want to buy. There are so many books that I want to read that I have to wait until it's out in Paperback: Landline by Rainbow Rowell, The Murder Complex by Lindsay Cummings, so many more!

4. Stickers on books.

Nope. No, no, no, no and no! These are so annoying. Some of them are easy to remove, but it you order them online then automatically the stickers are permanent and can't be removed at all. I understand that all people are going to see are the side of my books, but I like a clear front cover as well. Another thing that annoys me is the whole 'NOW A MAJOR MOTION MOVIE/PICTURE' permanent stickers. Grrrr!

5. Movie editions of books.

Movie editions of books are probably some of the worst out there. The covers are never cute, they all look mediocre and it doesn't even make me want to buy the book. However, I will say that recently some of the movie editions have been nice: If I Stay by Gayle Forman, The Fault in Our Stars by John Green and The Giver by Lois Lowry.

6. Dog tagged pages.

Before I started taking serious care of my books, I used to dog tag. It was quick and I thought no one would notice, but they do. I remember one woman had a go at me on a bus for dog tagging a page. "It's a sin. Use a bookmark!" That is what she said to me. I ignored her and told her to get a life (If you're rude to me, expect me to be rude back.) I do now use a bookmark because I get some really cute ones off Amazon.

7. When bookstores don't have a Young Adult Best Sellers section.

Sometimes I want some best sellers and some book stores don't show them off on a table or stand. Luckily for me, Waterstones in Cardiff kind of do it (Mainly it has The Hunger Games, Divergent and The Maze Runner) but at least it shows some of the best selling books.

8. Changes in UK to US Book Covers.

If they have different UK and US publishers then that is fair, because they have different designers, but when they have the same publishers in the UK and the US then I can't see why I don't just keep the original covers. For example, Divergent. It's published by Harper Collins in the US and Harper Collins in the UK, but they have different covers. The US covers look gorgeous (I need them now!) and the UK covers are hideous. Their best option would've been to have kept the US cover. It's also the same for The Fault in Our Stars, although both covers are okay.

9. Matte feeling book covers (Paperbacks and Hardbacks).

I have a decent excuse for this one; my fingers swell from the texture if I hold it for too long. I was reading The Immortal Rules by Julie Kagawa and after an hour my fingers had doubled in size and were bright red and tingled. I had to put it down and not pick it up again. (If I can find my photo then I'll upload it when I can.)

10. Long ass series.

This is a weird one for me because I don't mind six book series, but when it's more I just....I cannot do it. I could not be committed to read like twelve books in one series because the plot will have become boring, my love for the characters would have died and I just don't see how there can be so many books. If you have a lot of ideas then start a prequel series, not continue with the same one. Ps, Cassandra Clare keep writing your Shadow Hunter world because I will never get tired with it.

What are your Bookish Pet Peeves?


  1. I agree with 80% of these! I was just thinking about that sticker one, because I recently bought the Divergent series and it's not even a sticker, it's just a perminent "Now a major motion picture" thing printed on the front and it ruins the entire thing.

    At least Harry Potter never had movie covers. Phew.

    1. The Divergent stick is quite small on mine, so I'm not entirely bothered by it. But my TMI set has a huge sticker on the front and it ruins it all.

      If Harry Potter had movie covers they would be hideous.

  2. The Harry Potter books never even had stickers, I don't think. But they do keep releasing new covers, and I just watch in envy as every new design rolls out, because I want them all :p

    1. I love the UK editions, especially the brand new new ones. I love Harry Potter (The Movies) but I'm not a big fan of the books, since I'm reading them for the first time at the age of 18 going on 19.

      I have the signature edition of Harry Potter and a lot of people dislike them, but I love them!

  3. I agree so much.


    Also, I despise movie cover books. With a passion. I agree with The Giver/If I stay though.

    1. I KNOW, RIGHT! Some books do, but it'd be so much easier if they were both out at the same time. If I Stay is such a beautiful movie cover, but it's also a beautiful story.