Mini Reviews

Low Expectations by Elizabeth Aaron
I have to admit that once I saw this book I had to request this from the publishers. In September I'm going to be starting Magazine Journalism at University, but my main topic is Fashion. I love it!
This book is definitely one that people need to pick up and devour. It's a quick read, but it's also very witty. The characters and their situations are very realistic and up-to-date with everyone in their early 20's. I found myself laughing at specific situations that, I, myself had been in. Some people have compared Elizabeth's writing to Louise Rennison and I completely agree.
I gave this a solid 4/5 Stars.
Don't Tell the Boss by Anna Bell
I've heard of Anna Bell through Wattpad where she uploaded her very popular book Don't Tell the Groom. I found that to be very witty and I weren't sure this one was going to be as great. It was. The book was a great carry on and I actually preferred this one to the first. The character felt more developed and so did the storyline.
However, the one problem I had was the few spelling mistakes I noticed on most pages. Some were little, some were big and it took away from the pleasure of reading this book. But I couldn't fault it too harshly.
3.5/5 Stars!

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