ARC Review: Prisoner of Night and Fog by Anne Blankman

Title: Prisoner of Night and Fog
Author: Anne Blankman
Genre: YA Historical
Publisher: Headline
Published: April 22nd 2014
Page Number: 352


For Gretchen Muller, Hitler is 'Uncle Dolf'. He's always been there for her throughout the turmoil of her family's past but now, as his hold over Germany strengthens, he will be forever changed in her eyes. She will do anything to uncover the truth, even at the risk of everything she's ever known...


I've always been interested in German history and that's partically why I decided ton study History for my A Levels (which I have now finished and I get my results in August.) So, I was happy to find that what I have studied during my two years of A Level History, was in this book.

Anne Blankman writes with such elegance and shows that despite this book being both hardhitting and beautiful, elegance can have an ugly side. Gretchen is almost controlled by her family's past, she wants to know what happened to her father - was he really shot saving Hitler, or was it someone much closer to home?

With this book you won't just find a drug that will keep you addicted, you'll find love. Not just with the writing, but with the characters and the forbidden romance that makes you smile like you've just sniffed glue. (Please do not try that!)

With this debut, I was very impressed, but like every book it was no where near perfect. The story was controlled very well and the opening was filled with action - Gretchen's brother and friend beating up a random Jew on the streets. But despite that, not all that much went down. Secrets were found out, Gretchen got attacked and more assaults on the Jews happened. I just kind of wanted...more.

But overall, a very impressive book.

'Hauntingly beautiful. A book about family, love and how far we'd go to expose the ones who's done wrong.'  

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