Book Review: Take Me Under by Rhyannon Byrd

Book Name: Take Me Under
Author: Rhyannon Byrd
UK Release Date: 2013
UK Publishers: Headline Eternal

Ben Hudson had a thing for shy, sexy Reese Monroe from the moment he first saw her three years ago. Back then, she was married and living in Boston—two very good reasons for the Miami detective with a bad boy reputation to stay away.

But that was then…

Now Reese is divorced and moving to Florida, where her mother has rented her a small beach house—one that happens to be owned by Ben. Living right next door, he can’t get Reese’s soft curves out of his mind. He’s waited three long years to touch her in all the ways he’s been dreaming about, and this time he won’t let anything get in his way.

For Reese, Ben’s sudden advances are thrilling, but leave her stunned. With her limited experience in the bedroom, she never expects a man with such a wicked reputation to go after her. She knows she should be on guard, but he’s a temptation she can’t resist. And when trouble follows her down from Boston, threatening her life, Ben may be the only one who can help her

Praise for Rhyannon Byrd:

'Lip-biting sexual tension and sizzling romance.' Shayla Black

'A gift for beautiful, sensual storytelling.' Cheyenne McCray

'Raw, addictive, and blisteringly hot!' Romantic Times

I'm going to start off and say that I received a copy for an honest review. This does not affect my opinions.
The book starts off where Ben has seen Reese for the first time and he's pining for her. She looks pretty, but there's something else about her that burns his skin. And I found it to be great because we got to see the real Ben. However, three years later, he's not changed at all. I didn't see any maturing in his character.
In my opinion I don't think this was the best written book. It's not E L James bad, but it isn't anything great. Rhyannon was very repetitive and I think she used 'I want to fuck her long and hard' at least 15 times through out the entire novel. She also over used the word wry and I kind of felt like that was the only emotion she actually knew because it came up everywhere. And my biggest hate was the ... these came up everywhere. And I mean EVERYWHERE! Even in sentences when they were not needed. I think Rhyannon relied on them to add depth, but it fell flat in my opinion.
And sadly, Rhyannon created my biggest book pet peeve. Characters meeting and kissing in the first chapter. It doesn't feel real, I know you can say it's fiction, but who meets someone and kisses them on that night? Only someone who's drunk, and Reese was not drunk. She moved into her house.
That was the bad stuff about the book, but there was a few positives as well. I liked Reese's character and I felt Rhyannon knew her well, I also liked the friendship between Ben and Brit because they had banter and it worked well. The premise had so much promise, it was a shame it hit a dead end for me.
Overall, I gave this book a 2/5 STARS!

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