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The Cell Phone Swap by DoNotMicrowave - http://www.wattpad.com/story/1994914-the-cell-phone-swap

Keeley accidentally swaps cell phones with a rivalling high school’s star quarterback. Unable to switch back until a week later, she must interact with the arrogant boy, passing along texts and voicemails. As she gets to know him better, she realizes there’s more to him than sexual innuendos and egotistical comments. But when identities are revealed and secrets are exposed, will Keeley’s feelings remain?


This book is no where near finished, but it is one of my absolute favourites on Wattpad at the minute. It's fun, flirty and brilliantly written. Keeley and Talon have a great, yet unusual relationship that does survive on sarcasm, but it's great because you never know what's going to happen next. He's already paid for $30 of Condoms off Keeley's card, and drank her drink. So there is still a lot that could happen. You'll just never know. 5/5 Stars!

Beating You by Lilohorse - http://www.wattpad.com/story/988884-beating-you


Ally would like to believe that she has the perfect life but who is she kidding? She's scared to enter her home and the only place she can find safety is the ice skating pavilion which is where she meets Cooper. He's sweet, funny and makes her forget what's waiting for her at home. But if she tells him her dreaded secret can he help her?

Lilohorse is known for either writing fun, witty novels. Or hard gut wrenching ones. And Beating You is exactly that! It deals with child abuse, and it's beautifully done especially since Katie is only 17 or 18 and wrote this back in 2012. It's full of emotion and the romance is beautifully developed. In the Wattpad world, Ally and Cooper are without a doubt my favourite book couple. 5/5 STARS!

Convicted Love by Mamie1990 - http://www.wattpad.com/story/465457-convicted-love


Paige loves her life as it seems fulfilled. She get's a job at as a prison guard in her Uncle's Prison. She meets some interesting characters and a guy who seems closed off to anyone. Will he open up to her?


Convicted Love was one of the first books I read on Wattpad when I joined and I immediately loved it! It made me feel like a rebel and gave me a thrill because it shouldn't happen, but it did and it's a great story. It has a sexy male lead, a kick ass female and so much sexual tension that it could cook an apple pie if you left it near them. I absolutely cannot get enough of this book, and hopefully, one day it will be published. 5/5 STARS!

Book Review: Goddess by Laura Powell

Book Name: Goddess
Author: Laura Powell
UK Release Date: 2014
UK Publishers: Bloomsbury

Strikes. Starvation. Riots. Britain is at breaking-point and Aura is blind to it all.

The Cult of Artemis is the only home she’s ever known. Enclosed in its luxury lifestyle, the unrest gripping the country seems to belong to a distant world. Her dream is to serve the Goddess and taking a vow of chastity and obedience seems a small price to pay. But days before Aura is due to be initiated as a Priestess, she meets Aiden, the rebellious son of a cult insider, whose radical ideas and unsettling charm force Aura to question everything – and everyone – she knows.


I received a copy off Bloomsbury to review. That does not affect what I think AT all!

I'm going to start off and say that I did not like this book at all. I got kind of confused of it's genre. It's a Greek Mythology/Fantasy, but I kind of thought it was trying too hard to be a Dystopian and that confused me. It got lost about half way through, and it was obvious Laura Powell couldn't recover it!

The book also kind of led me on a bit. The summary suggests a lot of riots and so I thought there would be a lot of rebelisation. There was some, not enough though. The book lacked in it and it could've done a lot with the whole premise. Characters could've caused problems. Secrets could've been exposed. Some were, but they weren't shocking!!

I kind of got lost with the writing as well. It never really flowed and kind of hit a dead end for me. I got about Seventy Percent through and gave up because I could not force myself to carry on. I really wanted to like this book, I really did. I just guess me and Greek Mythology does not work.

Overall I gave this a 2/5 Stars!

Book Review: Just One Day by Gayle Forman

Book Name: Just One Day
Author: Gayle Forman
UK Release Date: 2013
UK Publishers: Definitions (Random House)
When sheltered American good girl Allyson "LuLu" Healey first meets laid-back Dutch actor Willem De Ruiter at an underground performance of Twelfth Night in England, there’s an undeniable spark. After just one day together, that spark bursts into a flame, or so it seems to Allyson, until the following morning, when she wakes up after a whirlwind day in Paris to discover that Willem has left. Over the next year, Allyson embarks on a journey to come to terms with the narrow confines of her life, and through Shakespeare, travel, and a quest for her almost-true-love, to break free of those confines.

Praise for Gayle Forman:

'Read it and weep.' Daily Mail

'Moving and heartwarming.' Guardian

'A book that makes you feel truly grateful to be alive.' Irish Independent


I seriously did not think I was going to enjoy this book because it's based on adventures across Europe, but I actually really did. In fact I didn't even like it. I loved it!

The writing in this book is brilliant! I never felt like there was anything wrong with the writing, it flowed, showed off the emotions of Allyson and the descriptions of each place she went; England, Paris, New York, Boston, Amsterdam was so clear and wonderful that you almost felt that you were there. Until you realise you're not there and then you're left disappointed.

The whole idea of just getting on a train to Paris is crazy, but it worked in this book. It gave me a thrill and seeing Willem and Allyson, or LuLu as he calls her together was like watching Christmas lights being turned on at Christmas, seeing fireworks on bonfire night. It was beautiful and magical. I just kind of wished that they worked it out because they are special when they're together, and I know she see's him at the end, but they need to be together NOW!

My only problem with this book was actually nothing to do with the writing or the characters or anything that included Gayle Forman. The main problem was the editing. You can clearly tell that the editor hadn't done a good job on this book. There were so many mistakes, such as words being the wrong way round, words missing like 'to' and 'the' and there was even an extra " after the person had finished speaking, and it did get on my nerves. But I tried not to think about it too much.

Overall, I give this book a 4.5 Stars! It's definitely one of my favourite contemporaries that I've read, and I was so sure it was going to get the full 5 Stars which is why I wanted it to succeed because only two contemporary books have 5 Stars. I knocked this down by .5 Stars because of the editing. However, I would highly recommend this book. Beautifully written.


'Moving and explosive. Your emotions will be all over the place.' Bookbitchreviews.blogspot.co.uk

Book Review: Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover

Book Name: Maybe Someday
Author: Colleen Hoover
UK Release Date: 2014
UK Publishers: Simon and Schuster

Sydney is living in an idyllic bubble - she's a dedicated student with a steady job on the side. She lives with her best friend, has a great boyfriend, and the music coming from the balcony opposite hers is fast becoming the soundtrack to her life.

But when Sydney finds out her boyfriend is cheating on her, her bubble bursts. The mysterious and attractive man behind the music, Ridge, gives Sydney hope that she can move on and they begin the write songs together. But moving on is harder than she expects, Sydney can only hope...

Maybe someday...

Praise for Colleen Hoover:

'I can't recommend it highly enough. Read this book. Live it. Love it. Allow it to take over you heart. It's an unforgettable journey that every reader should take. 5++ Star!' aestasbookblog.com

'Hoover is one of the freshest voices in new-adult fiction, and her latest resonates with true emotion, unforgettable characters and just the right amount of sexual tension.  kirkusreviews.com


I've heard such amazing things about Colleen Hoover and it's only made my desire to read her books grow and grow. And I got paid. Which led to me buying Maybe Someday. It arrived two days late. I read it.

First off I would advise everyone, and I mean EVERYONE to go into this blindly. Don't read reviews, don't even ask your friends what they thought of it because you will get spoiled. Just buy it and read it. And then you can gush with all your feelings and Fangirl all you like.

The prologue starts out with some awesomeness.

I just punched a girl in the face. Not just any girl. My best friend. My roommate.

I mean c'mon. All I could think was 'What has this girl done to get punched in the face?' I came up with many different ideas before I carried on reading.

She called her fat
She ate the last bar of chocolate
She "borrowed" her makeup
She kissed her boyfriend

Yeah, she didn't kiss her friends boyfriend. She slept with him, many times over the two years of Sydney and Hunter had been together. And just having that as a prologue made my stomach flutter with excitement. Who doesn't love a good bitch fight.

However, the story isn't about a girl who found out her boyfriend and friend have been having an affair. It's so much more than that.

It's a story of a girl finding out what exactly love is and how talented she really is when it comes to song writing. It's also a story about not judging everyone and how far you'd really go to not become someone or something you hate.

Colleen warped me into Sydney and Ridges world and I could've stayed there forever. You're met with secrets, friendship and a lot of flirting.

I just could not get enough of this book. And the biggest bombshell for me was when I found out Ridge was deaf. I know no one was expecting it because the back blurb doesn't say that, and it normally would, which is great because it's becoming a normal thing. And, Sydney, just treating him like a normal person meant so much to me because we shouldn't treat people who are unique any different than we would want to be treated ourselves.

Overall, I just absolutely adored this book. There were a few problems, but they were minor and didn't really take away from the book, only added to it! And the way that we could listen to the songs that were written as we went along seriously helped me to get in the mood for the writing and story. I cannot recommend this book enough! 4.5 Stars!


'Colleen writes with such elegance that you're warped into the characters world and feelings. Beautiful.' Bookbitchreviews.blogspot.co.uk

Book Review: Breathe by Abbi Glines

    Book Name: Breathe
    Author: Abbi Glines
    UK Release Date: 2013
    UK Publishers: Simon and Schuster

Sadie White doesn't get to spend her summer on the beach like most kids. Her mother can't keep a job, so Sadie is forced to work during the break at one of the mansions nearby instead.

Then Sadie discovers that Jax Stone, the hottest teenage rockstar around, owns the house, and things get a lot more interesting. Jax is adored by teenage girls everywhere - except for Sadie, that is -  but the fact she's not impressed by his reputation is exactly what he finds fascinating about her. As the summer passes, Jax and Sadie find themselves drawn to each other, even though their different worlds want to keep them apart. They're about to discover that love can be suffocating, until you find a way to breathe...

Praise for Abbi Glines:

'Every time I read one of Abbi's books, I declare it my new favourite.' Colleen Hoover, author of Slammed

'Abbi Glines really knows how to write hot male characters; she really does make you swoon.' Serendipity Reviews


Since being in a reading slump I really needed something that was either A) Set on or around a beach or B) Based around music. And this book was perfect because its both of those things.

Now I've been dying to read an Abbi Glines book for a while, and I finally caved. The outcome: I loved it!

Abbi Glines knows how to write great characters that you just swoon over, male or female, you'll soon find yourself in love with them because they're so elegantly developed. Sadie, the main female protagonist, is too kind. She won't stand up to her mother, she'll do anything for anyone and she'll even go as far as dating a rockstar and getting upset over fake girlfriend publicity. However, for me, Sadie was a bit immature for a seventeen year old. I thought I was reading about a fifteen year old, and then automatically she'd mature. But then again I still liked her character.

Jax Stone really confused me. Through out the book he was a great character: Flirty, cocky and jealous. But with a kind side to him. But there were a few scenes where I felt his character voice completely changed to something new and those were in the sexy scenes. He aged by like ten years and turned into something like Christian Grey. Only younger and a lot less experienced.

However, the story did grip my attention. The premise worked very well and I felt so many different things towards the characters and their personal stories. You can very much tell that this is Abbi's first book, and I know from this that her writing has so much promise and potential. And I really look forward to reading the rest of the Sea Breaze series. As well as her other intertwining series.

Overall, I gave this book a rating of 3.75/5 Stars because I couldn't decide between 4 stars and 3.5 stars, so I went for the middle of them.


'Abbi certainly knows how to write great sensual escaping stories.' Bookbitchreviews.blogspot.co.uk

ARC Review: We Were Liars by E. Lockhart

   Book Name: We Were Liars
   Author: E. Lockhart
   UK Release Date: 15th May 2014
   UK Publishers: Hot Key Books

We are liars
We are beautiful and privileged
We are cracked and broken
A tale of love and romance
A tale of tragedy
Which are lies?
Which is the truth?
You decide

Praise for E. Lockhart:

'Thrilling, beautiful and blisteringly smart, We Were Liars is utterly unforgettable.' John Green, author of The Fault in Our Stars

'Spectacular.' Lauren Myracle, author of Shine

'We Were Liars may be Emily's best book. And that is saying something, because Emily is without a doubt one of the very best fiction writers writing today.' Maureen Johnson, Author of The Name of the Star


It's extremely difficult how to tell you what this book is about because it is a YA Contemporary with hints of Mystery, but what I can say is that whatever you do. Lying may just be the best option, well in this case anyway.

Page 5 was without a doubt the best page in that entire book for me. The metaphor was gripping and beautiful and saddening all in one and it's one of my favourite metaphors without a doubt.

Then he pulled out a handgun and shot me in the chest. I was standing on the lawn and I fell. The bullet hole opened wide and my heart rolled out of my rib cage and down into a flower bed. Blood gushed rhythmically from my open wound, then from my eyes,
my ears,
my mouth.

At first I was like 'What. The. Heck?!' but I understood after. It describes how she's feeling about what's happened and how it feels for her in the sense that she may not recover from this. It's beautiful, yet sad. Perfectly described in the situation.

Another thing I loved about the book was that the chapters were short even thought they may focus on the same day. It worked well because another mystery would unfold or Cadence would remember something.

However, there were quite a lot of flaws in this book. The writing is probably one of the major factors that I disliked. At most times it was okay, but it got into the point where it'd be like

and I saw Gat,
and I saw that rose in his hand,
and in that one moment, with the sunlight from the window shining in on him,
etc, etc, etc.

It became too much and sometimes it felt like it was a more important point to the story than it actually was. My biggest hate in this book, however, was the fairy tale re-tellings. They side tracked me away from the actual storyline and if anything they were extremely boring and didn't actually have to be in the book.

Overall, I did enjoy my time taking part in the #WeWereLiars read-a-long. It was great fun and I read a full book something I haven't done in a while due to a reading slump. Anyway, I gave this book a 3/5 Stars! It was good. Could have been a bit less predictable, but other than that and the faults I had with it, it was a fun short read.

My Quote:

'Beautiful and mysterious: one thing something should never be. But works.' Bookbitchreviews.blogspot.co.uk