Book Review: Irresistible Enemy by Mary Costello

   Book Name: Irresistible Enemy
   Author: Mary Costello
   UK Release Date: March 17th 2014
   UK Publishers: N/A (Penguin Books Australia)

Cassie Bowtell adores her idyllic life in the bush and after a chance encounter by the roadside, even her love life is looking up. So when a housing estate is planned right next door to Cassie's beautiful rural property, she vows to fight it with everything she has.

Wealthy businessman Hart Huntingdon can't stop thinking about the mystery woman he met in the country. And then he discovers Cassie is the one of the people responsible for holding up his plans and doing her best to turn the locals against him.
With both of them firmly believing they are in the right, Cassie and Hart are soon locked into battle, a battle every bit as fierce and passionate as their growing obsession with each other. But sometimes love has a way of bringing happiness where it's least expected…

I received an E-Arc copy of this book via NetGalley. This does not affect my review in any way!
I'm a massive lover of Contemporary/New Adult (it's a mix of both) and I've read quite a few of them, but for me, this one was lacking behind any of the ones I have read. We are introduced to both Cassie and Hart out in Diggers Creek where Hart nearly knocks over Cassie, she's stopped because of an animal stepping out onto the road. Cassie thinks Hart is gorgeous and Hart thinks Cassie is just average looking with big eyes. Which is such a cliché. People have been writing these sort of fiction for years, and I've read a few of them.
The big thing that off put me in this book was that I felt that there was no connection with any of the characters. I didn't feel for Cassie when she was left in Diggers Creek that was being taken over by a fire. I didn't feel for her when she meets Claudia, Hart's interior designer. I just never had a connection with the characters. Which is unknown to me in these genre books, I get them feelings in Fantasy or Sci Fi, never NA/Contemporary.
Another reason why I disliked this book was because  I felt the romance was a bit forced. They were friends which was great! Then in the space of a minute they were lovers, it just didn't flow properly. Maybe if it had happened in another chapter then it might of worked. I also found Hart to be quite stupid for a business man when it came to his feelings. He thought Cassie was average with big eyes that he liked. Then he'd say 'All I need is her, she's beautiful.' and he'd go right back to thinking that she was average. GRRRRR! MAKE. UP. YOUR. MIND!
Lastly I think the writing in this book was very poor. The book didn't flow and I sometimes found words being thrown in for the sake of it! The characters would never use words like that and it got on my nerves. In perspective, the reason why I believe there was no connection to the characters was because of the writing. To describe it in one word: simple.
However, I did enjoy the animal part of the book. It was great to have a character that cared for them. But overall, I didn't enjoy this book. 2 Stars!

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