Monday Missions #1

What is Monday Missions? Monday Missions was created by my friend Daisy. She's a booktuber like me, and her idea is to show her TBR for that week. I liked idea and decided to do it (I had her permission of course)

Goodreads pages are linked in book titles.

Book 1: Little Celeste by Dawn McNiff

This book is about an eleven year old girl, called Shelley. Her mother is distant and one day she leaves her room for two minutes and when she returns there's a baby on her bed. She must then care for the baby. Apparently if you love Jacqueline Wilson then you'll love this, and I love Jacqueline Wilson. Anyway, I picked this book because it sounds so family oriented and I need one of them books about now. Also I've heard some great things about it!

Book 2: Obsidian by Jennifer L Armentrout

Apparently this book is 'Twilight' but with Aliens instead. By the sypnosis though, it's about a 17 year old girl who moves to a new town. Her neighbour is very arrogant, but it's because he's an alien. They hate each other until someone tries to attack Katy and the only way she'll survive is by staying with Daemon. I picked this book because I need to start this series. My friends all love it as well and it's calling to me.

Book 3: Trouble by Non Pratt

This book is based on a 15 year old girl called Hannah who get's pregnant. A new boy starts at her school who she befriends, could be the other way round and he pretends to be the father so she doesn't look like a slut. I decided to read this because I am a Trouble Book VIP, so my copy is signed just for me. Also I like contemporaries.

Book 4: Half Bad by Sally Green

Half Bad follows a boy named Nathan who's the child to a white witch (good) and a black witch (bad). His mother died and since he was the age of 14 he's been locked in a cage. By the time he's 17 he needs to have escaped his cage, but the only problem his he cant trust anyone. I NEED TO READ THIS NOW! This book I have been looking for everywhere, now I can start it.

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