March 2014 Wrap Up!

So if none of you are familiar with the monthly wrap ups then basically they're just where I blog/vlog about the books I read in that month and what I thought of them. I'll also be doing follow up blog/vlog called a TBR! which is where I show the books I plan to read for the month next.

So in the month of March I really struggled. I've been plagued with coursework and preparing for university has been hard! But I also fell through a reading slump and my eye has been playing up :(

The first book I read this month was 'My Life Next Door' by Huntley Fitzpatrick which I have done a review of. I really enjoyed this book and thought it was a very cute and adorable contemporary read. Huntley's writing style is kind of confusing at times, but her characters and emotion are so great that you can hardly notice it. If none of you know what My Life Next Door is about, it focuses on the female protagonist, Samantha who has been watching over her next door neighbours for years, but what's different about the one night is that Jase Garrett actually comes and talks to her. It then follows them and their crazy, yet different lifestyles; she's rich and alone, while he's hard working and his family are going through a rough time. Overall, I gave this book a 4/5 Stars!

After reading this book I literally fell into the worst reading slump ever! I tried everything. I tried to re-read a favourite and it didn't work. I watch a book to movie adaptation, it didn't work. Nothing worked..........

Until I picked up Beautiful Darkness by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl. Ahh! This book is perfect. If any of you have me on Goodreads, you'll know I hated Beautiful Creatures rating it a poorly 2.5 Stars, however, I absolutely loved this book. It carries on from the first book and for some reason Lena has decided to distant herself from Ethan. He's angry and before he knows it she's off on some guys motorbike. But she's not the only one to find a new friend because Marian has a new assistant research called Liv. Ethan does develop feeling for her! And then they vanish. The book ends with Link becoming part Incubus and Lena claiming herself to be both dark and light. Anyway, this book was so fast paced and full of action. I couldn't put it down. Although I must say the last thirty pages before the ending was quite slow paced. But it didn't ruin the experience. 4.5 Stars!

The third book I picked up was Beautiful Chaos also by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl. And sadly I hated this book. It became slow paced and dragged out. The storyline didn't really fit the second book all that much either. Lena and Ethan are back together, Link is a complete ass and John and Liv fall for each other. #Confused Yes, I used a hashtag in my review. Overall, I gave this a 2.5 Stars!

I also read the #2.5 novella called Dream Dark which is in Links POV. Now I used to love Link in books 1 and 2, but in book 3 he became so vain. Dream Dark kind of explained why he acted like that and I really enjoyed it! I still believe their new series should be on John and Liv. 4 Stars!

The fourth book I picked up was Broken Silence by Natasha Preston. Natasha Preston is actually a friend of mine from Wattpad and she's an incredible author with her book 'The Cellar' just being released by Sourcebooks. I really would recommend that book as well! Anyway, Broken Silence takes place four years after Silence and Oakley is still living in Australia, but has decided to come back for the trial. However, she's not prepared for Cole to still be madly in love with her. This book is perfect! Absolutely perfect if you're looking for a great contemporary duology. The writing was easy to follow, the characters were full of emotion and gave me heart flutters and the ending made it all the worth while. I gave it a 4 Stars!

I then decided to review The Vintage Girl by Hester Browne, which was sent to me by Quercus. Sadly I couldn't even finish this book because I hated it that much. The writing for weak, the storyline was confusing. 2 Stars!
I also picked up Her Vampire Husband by Michelle Hauf. I've read this book before and I just love it. It's a guilty pleasure. I'm not a lover of Vampires, I hate Werewolves even more, but this one is so good. It focuses on lies and rivalry, but also showing that two complete opposites can fall for each other. If you're not sure what this book is about, it's about a couple who are forced to marry. Blu is a Werewolf and Creed is a Vampire. Blu has been attacked for years and doesn't trust him at first but over time they bond a friendship and then more......I cannot fault this book. It's incredible and somewhat steamy. Also 4 Stars!
The last book I read was Wicked Games by Jessica Clare. The premise really intrigued me. It's about a couple who are brought together by a TV reality show. But there are secrets. She's writing a book about the behind scenes of the show and he's an Olympic swimmer. This book was okay, the writing wasn't too bad, but the premise had promise. The ending was super cute, but the six months later was poor. I wanted more from it. I gave this one 3 Stars!

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