Character That Deserve Their Own Books

Now I have so many favourite books. Different genre's, different characters, different settings. But sometimes I love them that much that I over work my little brain and start thinking about sequels that could be written, companionship novels, or even novellas written in my favourite characters POV. And in these five books they were no different.

5th - Levi from Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

This book was really good. Cath was quite annoying, but there's one character that I love, Levi. He made me smile, laugh and he's such an adorable book boyfriend. Rainbow also stated in an interview that she wasn't finished with these characters, so maybe she could be writing a companionship novel based on Levi. If not, then write it Miss Rowell! #LeviFans4Life

4th - Tim from Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire

Jamie is writing a new series based on the Maddox brothers, but I really want a book written in Tims' POV. I wouldn't mind it being set in today's time, but would rather it be about how he met Travis' mother, how they grew to love each other, getting married, having children and also how he felt when she died. It'd be an emotional rollercoaster but one that needs to be written.

3rd - Penryn's mother from Angelfall by Susan EE

Now I'm not sure if Penryn's mother is called named in the book. But she is such a character. She's crazy, but she comes across really funny and I definitely want a book based on her! She's kind of a killer, but can easily defend herself and has some of the most weirdest past times, but I love her. Move of Penryn and Raffe because your mother is out and about! SUSAN WRITE A NOVELLA OR SOMETHING. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'LL EVEN BEG!

2nd - Cole from Alice in Zombieland by Gena Showalter

Cole and Alice is perfect for each other, but I want to see what Cole's upbringing was like. When he first saw a zombie? When he started to fight them? How he met Frosty, Bronx, etc? All these questions are unanswered and we need them. Cole also has an awesome personality so it'd be awesome to have a book based on him.

1st - Sophie and Gideon from The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare

AHHHHH! Sophie and Gideon are the definition of P E R F E C T. No joke. At first I hated both Sophie and Gideon, but over time I came to love them and watching their romance bloom was so special to me. It was like an actual movie playing in my mind. Also I feel like there was a lot more to come from them and if I'm honest I cannot live with Sophie and Gideon. Fan Fiction does not do it! Only Miss Clare can work her magic!

If you guys had to pick 5 favourite characters that you wanted to have a separate book/novella, who would they be and why? Tell me!


  1. OMG I am soooo with you for Penryn's mother's book, that would be awesome!! =)

  2. Wouldn't it just. Everyone is obsessed with her. If not then Paige's POV would be good, because there's no way I can handle Penryn and Raffe for 5 books!