Character That Deserve Their Own Books

Now I have so many favourite books. Different genre's, different characters, different settings. But sometimes I love them that much that I over work my little brain and start thinking about sequels that could be written, companionship novels, or even novellas written in my favourite characters POV. And in these five books they were no different.

5th - Levi from Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

This book was really good. Cath was quite annoying, but there's one character that I love, Levi. He made me smile, laugh and he's such an adorable book boyfriend. Rainbow also stated in an interview that she wasn't finished with these characters, so maybe she could be writing a companionship novel based on Levi. If not, then write it Miss Rowell! #LeviFans4Life

4th - Tim from Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire

Jamie is writing a new series based on the Maddox brothers, but I really want a book written in Tims' POV. I wouldn't mind it being set in today's time, but would rather it be about how he met Travis' mother, how they grew to love each other, getting married, having children and also how he felt when she died. It'd be an emotional rollercoaster but one that needs to be written.

3rd - Penryn's mother from Angelfall by Susan EE

Now I'm not sure if Penryn's mother is called named in the book. But she is such a character. She's crazy, but she comes across really funny and I definitely want a book based on her! She's kind of a killer, but can easily defend herself and has some of the most weirdest past times, but I love her. Move of Penryn and Raffe because your mother is out and about! SUSAN WRITE A NOVELLA OR SOMETHING. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'LL EVEN BEG!

2nd - Cole from Alice in Zombieland by Gena Showalter

Cole and Alice is perfect for each other, but I want to see what Cole's upbringing was like. When he first saw a zombie? When he started to fight them? How he met Frosty, Bronx, etc? All these questions are unanswered and we need them. Cole also has an awesome personality so it'd be awesome to have a book based on him.

1st - Sophie and Gideon from The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare

AHHHHH! Sophie and Gideon are the definition of P E R F E C T. No joke. At first I hated both Sophie and Gideon, but over time I came to love them and watching their romance bloom was so special to me. It was like an actual movie playing in my mind. Also I feel like there was a lot more to come from them and if I'm honest I cannot live with Sophie and Gideon. Fan Fiction does not do it! Only Miss Clare can work her magic!

If you guys had to pick 5 favourite characters that you wanted to have a separate book/novella, who would they be and why? Tell me!

Monday Missions #1

What is Monday Missions? Monday Missions was created by my friend Daisy. She's a booktuber like me, and her idea is to show her TBR for that week. I liked idea and decided to do it (I had her permission of course)

Goodreads pages are linked in book titles.

Book 1: Little Celeste by Dawn McNiff

This book is about an eleven year old girl, called Shelley. Her mother is distant and one day she leaves her room for two minutes and when she returns there's a baby on her bed. She must then care for the baby. Apparently if you love Jacqueline Wilson then you'll love this, and I love Jacqueline Wilson. Anyway, I picked this book because it sounds so family oriented and I need one of them books about now. Also I've heard some great things about it!

Book 2: Obsidian by Jennifer L Armentrout

Apparently this book is 'Twilight' but with Aliens instead. By the sypnosis though, it's about a 17 year old girl who moves to a new town. Her neighbour is very arrogant, but it's because he's an alien. They hate each other until someone tries to attack Katy and the only way she'll survive is by staying with Daemon. I picked this book because I need to start this series. My friends all love it as well and it's calling to me.

Book 3: Trouble by Non Pratt

This book is based on a 15 year old girl called Hannah who get's pregnant. A new boy starts at her school who she befriends, could be the other way round and he pretends to be the father so she doesn't look like a slut. I decided to read this because I am a Trouble Book VIP, so my copy is signed just for me. Also I like contemporaries.

Book 4: Half Bad by Sally Green

Half Bad follows a boy named Nathan who's the child to a white witch (good) and a black witch (bad). His mother died and since he was the age of 14 he's been locked in a cage. By the time he's 17 he needs to have escaped his cage, but the only problem his he cant trust anyone. I NEED TO READ THIS NOW! This book I have been looking for everywhere, now I can start it.

March 2014 Wrap Up!

So if none of you are familiar with the monthly wrap ups then basically they're just where I blog/vlog about the books I read in that month and what I thought of them. I'll also be doing follow up blog/vlog called a TBR! which is where I show the books I plan to read for the month next.

So in the month of March I really struggled. I've been plagued with coursework and preparing for university has been hard! But I also fell through a reading slump and my eye has been playing up :(

The first book I read this month was 'My Life Next Door' by Huntley Fitzpatrick which I have done a review of. I really enjoyed this book and thought it was a very cute and adorable contemporary read. Huntley's writing style is kind of confusing at times, but her characters and emotion are so great that you can hardly notice it. If none of you know what My Life Next Door is about, it focuses on the female protagonist, Samantha who has been watching over her next door neighbours for years, but what's different about the one night is that Jase Garrett actually comes and talks to her. It then follows them and their crazy, yet different lifestyles; she's rich and alone, while he's hard working and his family are going through a rough time. Overall, I gave this book a 4/5 Stars!

After reading this book I literally fell into the worst reading slump ever! I tried everything. I tried to re-read a favourite and it didn't work. I watch a book to movie adaptation, it didn't work. Nothing worked..........

Until I picked up Beautiful Darkness by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl. Ahh! This book is perfect. If any of you have me on Goodreads, you'll know I hated Beautiful Creatures rating it a poorly 2.5 Stars, however, I absolutely loved this book. It carries on from the first book and for some reason Lena has decided to distant herself from Ethan. He's angry and before he knows it she's off on some guys motorbike. But she's not the only one to find a new friend because Marian has a new assistant research called Liv. Ethan does develop feeling for her! And then they vanish. The book ends with Link becoming part Incubus and Lena claiming herself to be both dark and light. Anyway, this book was so fast paced and full of action. I couldn't put it down. Although I must say the last thirty pages before the ending was quite slow paced. But it didn't ruin the experience. 4.5 Stars!

The third book I picked up was Beautiful Chaos also by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl. And sadly I hated this book. It became slow paced and dragged out. The storyline didn't really fit the second book all that much either. Lena and Ethan are back together, Link is a complete ass and John and Liv fall for each other. #Confused Yes, I used a hashtag in my review. Overall, I gave this a 2.5 Stars!

I also read the #2.5 novella called Dream Dark which is in Links POV. Now I used to love Link in books 1 and 2, but in book 3 he became so vain. Dream Dark kind of explained why he acted like that and I really enjoyed it! I still believe their new series should be on John and Liv. 4 Stars!

The fourth book I picked up was Broken Silence by Natasha Preston. Natasha Preston is actually a friend of mine from Wattpad and she's an incredible author with her book 'The Cellar' just being released by Sourcebooks. I really would recommend that book as well! Anyway, Broken Silence takes place four years after Silence and Oakley is still living in Australia, but has decided to come back for the trial. However, she's not prepared for Cole to still be madly in love with her. This book is perfect! Absolutely perfect if you're looking for a great contemporary duology. The writing was easy to follow, the characters were full of emotion and gave me heart flutters and the ending made it all the worth while. I gave it a 4 Stars!

I then decided to review The Vintage Girl by Hester Browne, which was sent to me by Quercus. Sadly I couldn't even finish this book because I hated it that much. The writing for weak, the storyline was confusing. 2 Stars!
I also picked up Her Vampire Husband by Michelle Hauf. I've read this book before and I just love it. It's a guilty pleasure. I'm not a lover of Vampires, I hate Werewolves even more, but this one is so good. It focuses on lies and rivalry, but also showing that two complete opposites can fall for each other. If you're not sure what this book is about, it's about a couple who are forced to marry. Blu is a Werewolf and Creed is a Vampire. Blu has been attacked for years and doesn't trust him at first but over time they bond a friendship and then more......I cannot fault this book. It's incredible and somewhat steamy. Also 4 Stars!
The last book I read was Wicked Games by Jessica Clare. The premise really intrigued me. It's about a couple who are brought together by a TV reality show. But there are secrets. She's writing a book about the behind scenes of the show and he's an Olympic swimmer. This book was okay, the writing wasn't too bad, but the premise had promise. The ending was super cute, but the six months later was poor. I wanted more from it. I gave this one 3 Stars!

Book Covers: UK vs US

So this is going to be a monthly series from me. Every month I will show you three different books with the UK and US Covers. All you have to do is decide which one you like more, of course, I will have my own opinion. But there is no right or wrong answer. And as I am from the UK myself, the UK covers will be shown on the left and the US covers on the right.


In my opinion the UK covers are better. The US ones are very cliché; the perfect people. But what I also dislike about the US covers are that it shows you what the characters look like which you may disagree with and think the models do not suit the characters. Whereas the UK cover is simple but eye-catching at the same time. The yellow/green really stands out.

The UK cover is okay I guess, but the only thing I really hate about it is that the male model is the guy who is on the cover of the Lux Series by Jennifer Armentrout. Also the bright light blue font is really hideous. It could be a bit darker. The US cover is okay as well. I'm not in love with it, but out of the both the US cover wins hands down. It has a bit more to it then the UK cover.

The clear winner is the UK cover. It's so much nicer than the US edition and it also stands out and shows the storyline a bit more. What really stands out to me is the eye colour and the typography. It really adds a great amount of depth to the story. As for the US cover, I like it but I feel like it's too busy with the typography.

So these are the three books I picked. What did you think? Do you agree or disagree with me? Then tell me why.


Top 5 Book Couples

So one of the aspects I enjoy in all my books are relationships. I'm not a lover of Insta-love, but once it is developed really well and I love the characters I can't help but feel like I'm watching two people fall in love. No matter their gender.

5th. Wanda and Ian from The Host by Stephanie Meyer -

I feel like I could always read the story of Wanda and Ian over and over. The DVD is good, but the book takes it's time to show how their trust and attraction changes. Ian tries to kill her at the beginning, but over time he begins to appreciate her seeing her for who she truly is. She's not a monster and we all know it, but seeing Ian's feelings change makes my heart flutter and together they are a perfect book couple. Their story always leaves me with tears in my eyes because Ian held her. Her parasite self and still thought she was beautiful. To be honest, who could not love Ian and Wanda?  

4th. Echo and Noah from Pushing The Limits by Katie McGarry -

I must admit that at first I didn't like Echo. I thought she was a really annoying and selfish character, but over time I got to know her and why she felt like she did. But for me it was always better when she and Noah were together. They bounced off each other. They completed each other and I always loved their love/hate relationship. But what I loved most was their trust and friendship. Noah trusted her with his secret and so did she and for me I felt like that was when their relationship truly began. I also loved that they never gave up on each other and tackled every obstacle that came their way. They're one of my favourite couples.  

3rd. Eleanor and Park from Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell -

Eleanor and Park is my all time favourite contemporary book. Rainbow Rowell is the queen of contemporary, but the reason Eleanor and Park isn't higher on my list is because they didn't last. That is the premise of the book: First love never lasts and it does take you on an emotional roller coaster. What I loved about their relationship was how it came to be. They bonded over comics and music while traveling to and from school. No YA book has been developed like that. Did I think they were perfect together? No, I didn't. But that's what made me love them even more. They didn't match.  

2nd. John and Liv from The Caster Chronicles by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl -

The Caster Chronicles is not a very good series, but there are only a few characters I have a connection with and only four people who are couples that's I love and they are Link and Ridley and John and Liv. Of course, John and Liv are my favourite. John is a Hybrid. Part Caster, part Incubus, he's kind of dangerous in his own way. And Liv is kind, caring and British. Together they did not suit, but she changed him. The development of the friendship and romance changed them both and reading it was something special. I've even started to write John and Liv Fan Fiction because I want to see them in London. Maybe Kami and Margaret will write a series about them, who knows.

And taking the first spot for my all time favourite book couple is..... 

1st. Sophie and Gideon from The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare -

When I was introduced to Sophie I immediately loved her. She was witty, sarcastic and stood up for herself which was shocking because she was a maid. Just seeing her love/hate relationship with Will really helped me understand her character because was may have hated him but deep down she loved him as a relative or a friend. For Gideon, when he was introduced I hated him. His father was a horrible guy, so was his younger brother and I expected him to be the same, but he was a bit different. Cassandra is probably my favourite for relationships. She develops them so nicely and this was no difference. Through out the second and third book we're given scenes where their connection builds and it irritates me because he wants to say 'I love you' but won't because he's seen as quite important and she's a maid. But the one sentence that completely got to me and made me smile was:  "I see it," Gideon said in a low voice. "I am not blind, and we are a people of many scars. I see it, but it is not ugly. It's just another beautiful part of the most beautiful girl I have ever seen." I mean, how can that not make you smile? I re-read it and I just think of how perfect they are for each other. They're like a very sweet dream and I'd never get tired of them. And that's why I cannot wait until 'The Last Hours' trilogy because they will hopefully be in it.   So that is the list of my Top 5 Book Couples. What did you think? Who are your top 5? Let me know. 

How to Get Out of A Reading Slump

At the minute I'm in a very bad reading slump, I've read only 1 book this month so far and it feels terrible. I've even put myself on a little book buying ban because I have to save money for University and my friends birthday and other trips we have planned for the summer, so I cannot buy any new ones.

So here are a few tips I'm going to be trying out, and if you're in a reading slump then maybe you can try them out as well. Also if you have any other tips then please comment below!

1. Start reading a book you know you’ll love. Read a book that you've been dying to read or just ask your friends to give you a suggestion, I know I find some great books from my friends/

2. Read the synopsis again, or maybe read some positive reviews about the book you’re trying to get through. That might just motivate you to keep reading.

3. Just ride it out. Don't read. Just focus on other important stuff like school work or go do something active.

4. Make reading comfortable for you. Make sure there is no background noise if you can’t concentrate because of that, or make sure there is background noise if makes you focus. Choose a peaceful, comfortable reading place and just do it. Just start reading. You might be on a part where it’s about to get really suspenseful, and you don’t want to miss that, do you?

5. Do something other than reading. Watch a book to movie adaptation, watch a movie, go out clubbing (if you're in age), have a pamper/film day. Do anything you want!

6. Re-read one of your favourite books. This will probably not count toward your Goodreads challenge, but you’ll get even more behind if you don’t get out of your reading slump.

7. Visit a bookstore or go to your local library, and just browse. You will (hopefully) rediscover your love for reading and won’t be able to wait to go back to your book.

8. (Re)organise your books. I've just done this and it has helped. I was thinking about the books I haven't read, about the books I loved and the ones I hated.

Book Review: The Vintage Girl by Hester Browne

   Book Name: The Vintage Girl
   Author: Hester Browne
   UK Release Date: Published in 2013
   UK Publishers: Quercus

When Evie Nicholson is asked to visit Kettlesheer Castle in Scotland to archive the family heirlooms, she jumps at the chance. Evie's passion for antiques means that, for her, the castle is a treasure trove of mysteries just waiting to be uncovered.

But in each heirloom lies a story, and in the course of her investigations Evie stumbles upon some long-buried family secrets. Add handsome, gloomy heir Robert McAndrew and a traditional candlelit gala to the mix, and Evie's heart is sent reeling with an enthusiasm that may just extend beyond the Kettlesheer silver...

Praise for Hester Browne:

'Fun and flirty.' Glamour

'Just perfect.... you'll love this book.' Jill Mansell

'Deliciously addictive.' Cosmopolitan


This is actually my second Hester Browne novel. I recently read The Runaway Princess, which I did enjoy but it was too cliché. So having been sent this one by Quercus to review I was confused. I like her writing, but sometimes if you don't like a first book, you'll not like the second.

I ended up being disappointed with this book. My friends raved about this and I didn't enjoy it. The writing was fine, great even. But I did not get a connection with any of the characters. I found Evie to be very whiny and annoying, her sister Rosie was even worse. In fact I couldn't even finish the book because I didn't like it. That's not saying that you guys won't like it, but it just didn't appeal to me.

Overall I gave this book a 2/5 Stars!

Book Review: My Life Next Door by Huntley Fitzpatrick

  Book Name: My Life Next Door
  Author: Huntley Fitzpatrick
  UK Release Date: Published in 2012
  UK Publishers: Speak

"One thing my mother never knew, and would disapprove of most of all, was that I watched the Garretts. All the time."

The Garretts are everything the Reeds are not. Loud, messy, affectionate. And every day from her rooftop perch, Samantha Reed wishes she was one of them . . . until one summer evening, Jase Garrett climbs up next to her and changes everything.

As the two fall fiercely for each other, stumbling through the awkwardness and awesomeness of first love, Jase's family embraces Samantha - even as she keeps him a secret from her own. Then something unthinkable happens, and the bottom drops out of Samantha's world. She's suddenly faced with an impossible decision. Which perfect family will save her? Or is it time she saved herself?

Praise for Hunley Fitzpatrick:

'A summer romance with depth.' The Boston Sunday Globe

'Jase and Samantha have a heart-warming romance every girl will envy.' Simone Elkeles, Author of Perfect Chemistry

'On par with such authors as Sarah Dessen and Deb Caletti.' SLJ


My Life Next Door has been on my TBR Pile for the last five months, and finally I came around to reading it! My expectations weren't high, I thought this was going to be a great book, but very cliché. However, I was wrong!!

This book is just the perfect summer read. It's filled with personality. There's also a lot of wit and romance, which I thought was so cute. But there was also something missing for me. I have no idea what it is, I've spent the last three days trying to figure out what it is, but I just can't. I know I'm annoyed that Sam never told her mother that Clay was kissing some other woman. Man, that would've been explosive.

For me, there was another problem with this book: the writing. It became confusing in some parts. And it was because of some of the words she used during her sentences, some of them didn't fit. I had to re-read the sentence at least 3 or 4 times. But once it happened 3 or 4 times, you became used to it.

Overall, I did love this book. The characters were all very relatable. The story line was cute, and not all cliché. But I also loved the family theme that runs throughout this book. The Garretts, are just a lovely family. They know each other through and through. And I've never seen that in a book. It's mostly protagonists with divorced parents.

Anyway, due to the writing and there being something missing, I gave this book a 4/5 stars. I need 'What I Thought Was True' NOW!!!

And BTW Jase, if you see this, then here's a present ;)

My quote:
'Hot guy. Nerd girl. Complete opposites. Falling in love. Now that's my type of story.'