Top 5 Wednesday: Top 5 Villains

5. Nick from Fangirl - Now I know you're all thinking, Nick? Are you sure? Well, Yes, I am. Nick is kind of a villain. He could've been the reason Levi and Cath never got together, and he partly stole Caths story, even though they both worked on it. It was a suckish thing to do. So, Nick is in 5th place.

4th. The Headteacher from Alice in Zombieland - She's a headteacher who knows about Cole and his zombie defeating gang and accepts it. She actually helps them. Or does she? Well, no she doesn't. That's why she's on this list. She's a spy for the zombies. She "helps" Cole, Alice and the gang, while giving information to these "zombies". So she's on this list!

3rd. Eric from Divergent - C'mon. Eric was the definition of sexy bad ass dude. And yes, I had a major crush on him, but he is evil! He was ruthless. Yet sexy. He was mean, always challenging what people said, even with him being in a room everyone would know and you could tell he wasn't nice. But still, he was in my heart. And that's why he's third on this list.

2nd. The Dark Sisters from The Infernal Devices - As soon as we were introduced to them I fell in love. The Dark Sisters were, of course, demons. They were horrible to Tessa. Locking her up, trying to kill her and that's why I partly loved them. It's actually a pity they didn't kill Jem because he got on my nerves so much (Cassandra Clare take that as a hint) all he did was ruin my experience with the books. So, yeah. The Dark Sisters are amazing!!!

1st. This is a joint number one. Both from the same book. The Lorders and Kyla's "Dad" from Slated - The Lorders are mean. They will kill you. They will kidnap you. They will set fire to your house. They will make your life a living hell. They already control the world, what more could they want. And Kyla's "Dad" was the worst. Pretending he was lovely, but we always know to keep an eye on the "lovely" ones. He's a bastard. He is evil. He is on the evil side. Can I kill him?

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