Book Review: Through the Zombie Glass by Gena Showalter

   Book Name: Through the Zombie Glass
   Author: Gena Showalter
   UK Release Date: Published in 2013
   UK Publishers: Mira Ink (Harlequin)
Alice Bell has lost so much.
Family. Friends. A home.
She thought she had nothing else to give.
She was wrong.
After a new zombie attack, her world gets even stranger. Mirrors come to life and she can hear the whispers of the dead.
But the worst? A terrible darkness blooms inside her, urging her to do dangerously wicked deeds that are impossible to come back from....
Praise for Gena Showalter:
'Readers will love the brave girl trying to reclaim her life...' RT Book Reviews
'Showalter has created a promising playground for future story instalments.' Kirkus Reviews
'...A zippy story with crossover appeal that highlights the power of guilt, faith and self-confidence.' Publishers Weekly
I must admit that after reading Alice in Zombieland I felt empty. I missed the characters that I grew to love, and I also, kind of missed the Zombies that I just wanted to destroy myself. But when I found out that the Sequel was out I jumped up with joy and ordered it straight away.
The book starts off with a dream, which I loved because over the time since Alices' parents had died, she'd grown up and become more mature, and just going back to see old Alice was great because we got to see the difference between them.
What I loved about this book was that I loved it even more than 'Alice in Zombieland.' It had a lot more action in it, in fact on page 72 there is an amazing battle scene. Zombies are killed and people are hurt, and that's what I loved about it. More gore. Blood. It had me wanting more! More! Also there was a scene that I couldn't help but laugh at (It was Midnight, I was tired.) Alice had texted her Nana about her grade and she replied back with 'WTF, An A?' it turned out that her Nana thought 'WTF' meant 'Well that's fantastic' of course we know better. But just having that realistic element in it really made it better for me. My mom thought 'LOL' meant 'Lots of Love' and that was up until four months ago....
Also in this book we are brought on a journey. A journey of destruction. People break up. People are kidnapped. There's a spy. Oh, yeah. There's also two new characters on the good side. Although I hated 'Ronny' she brought that extra jealousy.
Overall, this book was fast paced, action packed, full of sexual frustration and just absolutely amazing! That's why I gave it 5/5 Stars.

Can the third book be even better?
Talking about the third book - Queen of Zombie Hearts, here's the cover!

Isn't it beautiful? She looks like a bitch, but who cares, there's pink on the cover! pink!
My Quote:
'An amazing read for both adults and teenagers who just live for the f**king thrill'

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