Book Review: Dirty Magic by Jaye Wells

    Book Name: Dirty Magic
    Author: Jaye Wells
    UK Release Date: January 2014
    UK Publishers: Orbit Publishers

The last thing patrol cop Kate Prospero expected to find on her nightly rounds was a werewolf covered in the blood of his latest victim. But then, she also didn't expect that shooting him would land her in the crosshairs of a Magic Enforcement Agency task force, who wants to know why she killed their lead snitch.

The more Prospero learns about the dangerous new potion the MEA is investigating, the more she's convinced that earning a spot on their task force is the career break she's been wanting. But getting the assignment proves much easier than solving the case. Especially once the investigation reveals their lead suspect is the man she walked away from ten years earlier—on the same day she swore she'd never use dirty magic again.

Kate Prospero's about to learn the hard way that crossing a wizard will always get you burned, and that when it comes to magic, you should be never say never

Praise for Jaye Wells

'A fresh, magical world full of potion junkies and alchemists that promises to break new ground in paranormal thrillers.' Laurell K. Hamilton

'A sharp, high-speed paranormal thriller.' SciFiNow

'Dirty Magic is like nothing else currently happening in urban fantasy. Grim, gritty, and great.' Seanan McGuire (aka Mira Grant, author of FEED)

First off I must say that I was sent this from the publishers for an honest review.
I've never read an Urban Fantasy before, and if I am honest I was scared going into it because I knew from the summary that this was a novel that I wouldn't be all that into because detective novels are something I've always struggled with. But I really did enjoy this book.
The beginning was really hard to get into, the characters were just living normal, boring lives and it was really slow. I did think it was going to be quite fast paced and action packed from the beginning, but after a few chapters it really did pick up. New characters were introduced, and my favourite protagonist was Morales. He was witty, cocky and just a general guy you'd expect to see in a detective novel.
Along the way, I did start to notice that the mysteries became more predictable, however, the first twist did shock me. I had suspected another character: Either her uncle Abe or her boss. It was neither of these people though. It was a character you would least suspect.
Now even though I liked the book, I did not love it. There were quite a few typo's: missing words or just unusual sentence structure. And, sadly it did take away from the book. But as for a first book in a crime/urban fantasy series I really do think it got off to a good start and I am certainly looking forward to the sequel Cursed Moon. Especially since the ending of the first book was so incredible.
Overall, I gave this book a rating of 3.5/5 stars. 

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